Aquarius Ask Away

I am starting this A&Q, which is actually a place where you may ask any questions ranging from: problems, personal issues, to minor questions you wonder every day.
I will try my best to solve your problems or even answer your questions. If they're too personal, I'll set up a small private group to where you can ask me a personal which will be deleted after the problem has been solved.


2. Personal Information

Of course my real name is not Vivian E. Though I personally don't like my real name but it's very unique although some stupid advertisement is thee only thing I see of it!

Age: 17

Birthday: February 5th, 2000 (a proud Aquarius)

Gender: Female

Past Problems: Bullying, Depression, Abuse, Sexual Abuse,

Present Problems: Depression, Loneliness, Self-Conscious,

This is all true. Believe it or not. Everyone has problems. I'll tell you mine if you ask, or even if you don't care after the story. It's fine, and I don't mind. I'm an open book and you can read to your own curious minds' desire.

Ask Away!

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