Aquarius Ask Away

I am starting this A&Q, which is actually a place where you may ask any questions ranging from: problems, personal issues, to minor questions you wonder every day.
I will try my best to solve your problems or even answer your questions. If they're too personal, I'll set up a small private group to where you can ask me a personal which will be deleted after the problem has been solved.


5. Elementary School

You all may know me as Vivian E. here, though, that is not my real name if you go back to the 'Personal Information' chapter. I have a life like you all, but different in many ways. We're all not the same, so duh.

I used to live in a different area from where I live now, I live in a different city; and in that city was an Elementary school that changed me while I was, and still am, developing as a young child.

I'll tell you about my family first. My Father used to be in the Navy from what I was told and that he did indeed prove. My mother used to be in Martial Arts until a reason that I do not know, or maybe it was until she got pregnant with my little Brother. ANYWAY. That's my family, a father, mother, and a little brother whom I was seven years older than. I also kinda dropped him down a step of the stairs. (at this time he was still a potato you held wrapped up in a blanket). BACK TO THE POINT.

We were a good family you could say when you saw birthday parties in the back yard with a pool and barbecue, or playing garden hose war with your best friend across the street from you. She was my best friend though we fought as if we were enemies at times. I'll never forget her though, Jacqueline. I just called her Jackie. :3 I wonder how she's doing. TOPIC.

The school was called Mary Calcott Elementary school. It was a horrible place where I was bullied every day and there were two groups too who did it. A group of three and then just a boy. So I guess you could say a group of three and a boy bullied me? He wasn't in the group. The group also consisted of two girls and a boy, the only girls' name I could remember from the group was Yasmin.

They made fun of me and got me into trouble when I had never done anything wrong. I wasn't a violent kid at all. Sure I screamed and cried and got angry or said bad things back at them but, I never started it first. They twisted the story as well, making the adult believe them and not me when I told the whole truth and the Only truth.

The boy who was not in the group was named Connor. He gave me a note saying that he actually liked me and wished that we were friends before I moved away. I wish we were friends and that we could talk. I wonder what they're all doing right now too...

It wasn't even just the group of a boy and the two girls or Connor. It was as if the whole class hated me. I only had four friends and a few whom I called friends though, they didn't think of me as a friend. Evan, Simon, Amy, and Zoey. Those were my friends who I could count on and that I loved, and still love. I miss them.

I used to have a crush as well, his name was Jonathan Saywers (soi-ers). He never liked me back and he never liked me at all. I'll skip to the bullying part.

I was kicked in the shins when trying to get my lunch. I cussed at kids due to hearing my father say it, so I got in trouble from saying them. I was called names and left out of games. I got in trouble all the time even when I tried so hard to be good, it never worked. I think I got sand kicked in my eyes, and that anything and everything I did was horrible, they made fun of me for everything. My laugh which used to have a snort, my clothes, my hair, everything. It was horrible. I never snapped and went berserk, but as I'm typing this now, I'm crying about the memories.

When ever I got in trouble as well, my father would beat me and leave me in my room, grounding me for the actions I didn't want to do and that I had gotten in trouble for, even though they weren't my fault. My mother said no words but mad eye write sentences after sentences about "I will not hit my class mates." It was horrible and agonizing. I used to fall asleep under my bed to escape life problems and not write the sentences, or when ever I was sent to my room.

When my mom got pregnant with my brother there was a day when I had gotten sexually harassed with my friend, She and I were seven at this time. My Blood Father did this. I felt uncomfortable with the situation after my friend left and left a note for my mother on the couch when she got home. We talked and then she calmly left the room.

A couple of years later, we've moved out, my brother was born and I was at a new school. I was bullied there as well though, not as much. I still got in trouble at times for my habit of having to defend myself and the trouble that always finds me, though it was never as bad as that place.

Middle School was no different. I was bullied but not as much though, that's when my depression kicked in at it's worst. I started cutting, and I had huge anger issues. This might be funny but, when ever I got very enraged with my family or anything while at home; I would go outside to my garage, pick up my favorite Ax and start chopping wood while dark music played in my ears as loudly as it could. I had anger issues, and you might have them too, so give them all to me and I'll give mine to you.

Kidding. Not. I'll listen to your problems if you've read this far.

I also brought a knife to school to show it off, the knife that was my fathers until my mother threw it away without my knowledge. I still hate that. Though I have my own knife now, and my own blades to slice my skin open when words of help can't get through. I favor my blade more than my knife to slide and dice.

I never used the knife but my words, I did use. I threw names back but I was bullied more for the deodorant I didn't have, or the clothes I lacked as well as my lack of style and friends.

Though the few friends that have sticked with me now and then, are Hans, Leah, Jordan, and so many more. I love my friends so dearly, I don't know what I'd do without them.


And that's only a very brief summary of my life so far! If you'd like to know more, Ask Away! I'll tell you if you tell me too. Bye guys and have a happy day! Cash Cash- Dirty Lovin' I love this song, and Victim of Love also by Cash Cash.

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