Aquarius Ask Away

I am starting this A&Q, which is actually a place where you may ask any questions ranging from: problems, personal issues, to minor questions you wonder every day.
I will try my best to solve your problems or even answer your questions. If they're too personal, I'll set up a small private group to where you can ask me a personal which will be deleted after the problem has been solved.


3. A Special Shout Out

There is this one follower of mine whom I follow back. I know I don't follow a whole lot of people back, that is truly because if I followed Everyone back, I'd be getting notifications for days! Though, maybe if I do follow everyone back, I can help them with their stories- OFF TOPIC-

This is her, She is an acquaintance of mine whom I've talked to a few times and needs a special shout out to lift her spirits and her mind out of the depression she is suffering from. This is not to gain followers due to my 'oh she's so nice to do this for her' pointing-out-a-persons-problems-thing. No. This is to help make her aware that she is not alone and there are people there for her such as me.

I'm sure that if you throughly look through her page, you'll find mumbles and recent mumbles to where she is crying and screaming out in pain of loneliness and feeling like she doesn't belong anywhere. She is wrong. She is very kind and humble to me and I'm sure others.

I do not know her very personally, due to not speaking with her every single day, though I'm tired of seeing her cry almost every day out of loneliness and "no one being there for her". I'm sure that if her friends saw this, that they'd agree and even praise her on more of her qualities, which would be much more than the ones she thinks of herself.

I wish I could honestly help her more, to have the ability to transport through the computer and to her side to ease her troubles and help her find better ways to solving them, but the only thing I can do right now is talk to her and assure her that she is not alone in the world and that she belongs here, with her friends on Movellas.

I also repeat that I'm not doing this to be popular. I am doing this out of my concern and desire to help her. I hope you all have a nice day and certainly, Ask Away.

Lily, if you are reading this, or not, I hope that you know that you can always come to me personally and complain about your life in paragraphs to the size of a book or even a series. I'm always open for you.

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