Aquarius Ask Away

I am starting this A&Q, which is actually a place where you may ask any questions ranging from: problems, personal issues, to minor questions you wonder every day.
I will try my best to solve your problems or even answer your questions. If they're too personal, I'll set up a small private group to where you can ask me a personal which will be deleted after the problem has been solved.


1. Welcome To AAA

Some of you who read this may know me from my books, even if they're not the best; if you do not know me and just picked this book from it's title or desire to ask a question or even help understand a problem of your own, you will soon know of me, by asking Questions!! Yay how exciting!

I personally think that the internet is just almost, the best way to interact with one another aside from being face to face. Me? I'm a social butterfly among people, and animals, if you want to include them. Although EXCLUDING BUGS. I'm not a huge fan, sorry.

The internet gives a way for people to talk and be themselves, whether it's giving an opinion, sharing your work of literature, or art, or some other type of work. Though, the world is not perfect as you all can tell.

Bullying, depression, suicide, mental problems, sickness, money, and death, there's too much and too many problems within the world. Thanks Pandora's Box. Though, there's always people who can help with these problems. Therapists. I'm not a therapist. I honestly hate going to therapy because of personal opinions, which, if you'd like to hear, ask away.

I know people hate speaking about their problems with their self doubt and being too sensitive and conscious of what bothers people. Thinking "I'm just a bother. I don't want to burden others with my problems."

Well I am here to help solve problems, understand yourself, help make decisions, and maybe have a fun chat once in a while.

Though I'm sure that some of you are reading this and thinking. This is so fucking stupid. Why should I tell you about my personal problems and tell you personal information. Well I can honestly tell you that you don't have to, but I have solved problems which you may have; plus, you never know if you don't try. I do not release information without the person's consent first. Even then, it is their decision first and last to decide if they tell me or let me release the information they've told me.

Ask Away!

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