Skyline | BTS

What's it like... being the everyday stylist and producer for the one and only BTS? Well, honestly, it can be pretty hectic. Especially when they all adore you.


1. ~ 1 ~

    "Lee Chanmi, is that right?" the staff member asks, looking through a stack of papers in front of him. I nod slowly, and push my round glasses further up the bridge of my nose.

     "Well," he continues, "Your resume is very well written, and you have very good experience in the stylist field, as I am told. I nod again, and mess with the sleeve of my sweater.

    "When will I get to meet them?" I ask, gazing behind him where I see eight people outside the office.

    "Right now," he responds, and the frosted glass door opens, revealing the seven Bangtan Boys and the manager himself, Bang Si Hyuk. I stand and bow slightly, and they return the favor.

    "Annyeonghaseyo," the boys say in unison. I can't believe that I'm might get the chance to be working with them each day, as a permanent career. I'm sure anyone would kill for a position here.

    "Hello, my name is Lee Chanmi, pleased to meet you all," I look at them all one by one, and sit back down in my seat. They all follow suit, finding a chair around the large conference table. The manager looks at me and smiles.

     "I'm glad you applied for the job, miss Lee, we were getting a little deserted in our stylist and makeup department." He gives a short laugh before introducing all of the BTS members, who of course I know already. After about an hour has passed, the rest of the interview and meet-and-greet is over. Once they were introduced, though, the boys had to leave to continue their photoshoot. We said our goodbyes and they went on.

    "So," says Bang Si Hyuk, taking a deep breath. "You can begin packing, and you will be welcome to move into your dorm by this weekend."

    "Wait,  I'm accepted for the job?" I ask, surprised. This was only the second interview that I was having so that I could be placed for this job position. And they were already recruiting me?

    "Yes, we are placing you into the job right away, we think you have enough experience to do this. That, and we really are in need of a head stylist." he replied. I smile to myself on my way out the door a few minutes later, and drive home to my apartment as fast as I can and get ready to move into the new dorm.


    As I finish taping up the last box and start my car on a cool Saturday morning, I rush back inside to get the other miscellaneous boxes and bags with the rest of my belongings. I had spent the previous two nights, as well as this morning, packing up to move into the dorm. Just as I am about to lock up my old home for good, I look around.

    This had been my place for as long as I can remember, and I'm finally leaving. My phone rings in my pocket, and I recognize the caller ID instantly.

    "Hello?" I say.

    "Yes, Chanmi, we were just calling to let you know that everything is ready.. The building is the same location as usual, of course." The manager sure seems happy today...

    "I was just about to come over and check in, is that fine?"

    "That's great. Good luck on your first day, they should be happy to see someone new there."

    "Thank you so much, goodbye." I say before hanging up. I clench my hands around the steering wheel and pull out of the icy driveway. When I pull into the freeway ramp, I let out an exasperated sigh and keep going.


    "Name?" the woman at the front desk asks, eyeing the backpack on my back, bags around my wrist and boxes in hand. I hesitate before answering and feel a hand being placed on my shoulder.

    "She's the new stylist, and she's moving into her dorm today," says someone behind me. I turn my head over my shoulder and my eyes meet with those of Jeon Jungkook. Also standing by him are Taehyung, Seokjin and Hoseok.

    "Where are the others? Are they back in their dorm?" I ask the boys, as a couple of security officers come to check my items.

    "Yeah, except for Namjoon," replies Seokjin.

    "He's out running errands for Jimin." says Hoseok.

    I turn back around and set one of my suitcases down, picking up the ones that were already cleared. Once the last bag is through, we enter the elevator across the room to go upstairs.

    "So," I begin, trying to make light conversation. "Your guys's schedule has been pretty empty lately, yeah?"

    "So far, but it won't last long." Seokjin answers. "We're usually really busy, but we're just having one of those slow couple of months."

    "This building is so big, much bigger than the one I was in before." I whisper, smiling to myself as we exit the elevator. Taehyung hands me a set of keys, which I assume is for my dorm.

    "Yeah, you might need these. I almost forgot that I had them," he gives a breathy laugh. Jimin bursts through the door on the other side of the hallway, in a loose black tee and jeans, his peachy hair parted in the middle. He runs his fingers through it, pushing his hair back.

    "Hyung! She's here?" he says all of a sudden. I'm surprised by his excitement, and he looks like a little child. As soon as his gaze meets mine, he stands up straight and folds his hands in front of him. Jimin purses his lips and looks down, causing me to hide a smile behind my hand.

    "Yes, Jimin, she's here." Jungkook rolls his eyes before looking in my direction. "He's been dying to see you..." he says flatly. Jimin smooths down the front of his shirt and slowly walks back into his own room. The door closes silently, and I hear nothing after that.

    "Wow, he's still so energetic this early in the morning?" I ask awkwardly.

    "I know, he's been up since five o'clock," replies Hoseok. "A kid like him should rest once in awhile, don't you think?" I nod and push the key into the lock of my new home. Anticipation fills my stomach, and I suddenly remember what it's going to be like now that I have a full-time job.

    Walking in, my breath stops. I scan the large area, noticing every feature it had, every nook and cranny. The dorm was large, but cozy at the same time. The modern feel of the space fit perfectly; the light-on-dark accents, the brushed metal appliances, the dark wood floor and furnishing, everything.

    "Is is okay?" Jungkook asks, peering through the doorway.

    "It's perfect, I couldn't have asked for more. I will definitely like it here." I grin before walking through the dorm to the separate bedroom. it's even better, with a full-sized plush mattress, a dark wooden desk, large windows and gentle lighting.

    "Wah.." It's so pretty, and the bed is so comfortable, you just sink right in. I can't help but feel so amazed. "I'm going to start unpacking." the four boys all go back to their rooms. I sigh and rip the tape off the first cardboard box. I take the picture frame off the top, and set it on the corner table. A woman in her early thirties looks up from the photo, smiling widely.

    "I made it, Mom." I whisper quietly, propping up the frame. I look out the window, at the fluffy white clouds. "I got my dream job. Just like you wished."

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