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2. Anime 02


 Yup another anime! (I told you) so there is supposed to be pictures but for some reason it is not working! Grrr. If anyone knows how to make the pictures stay please tell me it will make the overall style a LOT better. Thx!- That Emo Chick

Gako Gurashi

-School Live-

This entire show is plot twists depending on how you look at it. Ok so the first episode looks soo happy but don't be fooled it is all just a facade it will crush your soul and then take the pieces and turn them into horocruxes . The categories that this anime is regularly put under are mystery, school, slice of life, supernatural the supernatural element is zombies by the by.



Imagine this an unknown virus hits Tokyo and is spreading outwards. No this no ordinary virus this sickness has people falling over in pain. The creatures that rise up out of the ashes of all of the people are zombies and the virus can now only spread by being bitten or scratched by the infected. Then the virus hits a school And a selected few end up alive. The youngest one to survive--- was so traumatized that she completely blocked any memory of zombies from her mind and zombies in general so she would see a room full of friends when it was a room full of zombies. The older girls understand what is happening to her and to protect her mental health don't tell her anything , and the living at school club was born. Oh yah the zombies still have some Conscience left so you can cry even more.



Kurumi 2nd oldest


in love with her shovel, loyal,

kind, self sacrificing


Yuri 1st oldest

Selfless, kind, careful, basically like the mother of the group



3rd oldest

A bit quiet and shy, selfless.

Later in the episodes it reveals why she is like this



teacher so technically she doesn't count as the oldest

She will crush your soul


Yuki youngest

Mentally unstable






I am so upset right now

Living at school club's pet

Will also crush your soul even more



😀🙂😅😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😱😩😭😭😭😭😭💔= senpai don't leave me. *senpai leaves* NOOOO

4.5 stars

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Poem of da week

I am clay waiting for the Artist to mold me into something beautiful. I sit and stare looking out at the other sculptures. I see that every sculpture is amazing and perfect how is it possible that they were ever just a piece of clay? Maybe they never were. Artist come and turn me into one of your perfect sculptures. I wait, Wait,Wait. Artist where are you? I can't turn myself into something beautiful I need you, Artist . No one is coming, and I can't leave. So I guess I will just sit here until my Artist comes back. I have waited for too long no Artist is coming for me I am now just but a piece of hard clay. Am I ever going to be a beautiful sculpture? Help me Artist. - unknown



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