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1. Anime 01

Hello tis' I the Emo chick! My fist few recommendations are all for animes I apologize greatly if you do like ANIMES then you might just have to wait for a while because honey anime is bae. Thx !



2 days 2 seasons 1 mental breakdown and a whole lot of binging. This show has the perfect amount of everything and the animation is done fairly well. Assassination classroom will make you so happy that you feel like your heart might just burst and then *poof* it does, and you are left as a blubbering mess crying yourself to sleep at 2am on a school night.Let me tell you season 2= pLOT TWISTS


Let me start with the premise for the first episode Koro Sensei (the yellow guy that looks like a octopus) blew up the moon and now may blow up the earth . Before Koro Sensei blew up the moon he was told by a dying person he had a relationship with, that he should become a teacher. Hence the Sensei. Any way Koro Sensei came to an elite private school and was stuck teaching the E class ( also known as the worst class) that had no privileges and had their own classroom far away from the rest of the academy. The government came in and told the students that if they can kill him before their graduation/ the date he blows up the earth they will get a cash prize.

Ps. Koro Sensei moves at Mach 20 speed = faster enough to create multiple copies of himself . And that's how assassination classroom was born.


Koro Sensei

Able to move at the fastest speed known to man until the second season


Kinda nerdy, quiet, natural born assassin, sorta main character. he is also my little boy so don't say anything bad about him.


Trouble child, psychotic, killer to the max. Confident . Smart and very ship-able.

Bitch Sensei

Assassin, teach , teaches ; Foreign languages + how to seduce someone. Also has a huge crush on Tadaomi Karasuma.

Tadaomi Karasuma

Has no interest in bitch Sensei. Also teacher at end class Teaches: PE (assassination 101) works for government


You don't meet him until later

Kaede Kayano

M'kay let's just say that there is something big involving her. She also has a crush on nagisa.


Ps. This is not all of the characters these are just the most important in my opinion.


This anime will always hold a special place in my heart because it is sooo ducking amahzing. Therefore it gets a

🐺🦄🐬🦈🍒🍬🍭🍪☕️🌈🌙=YASSSS 5 stars


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