The Secrets of Dunharrow House

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  • Published: 14 May 2017
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2017
  • Status: Complete
When three siblings are called back by their eldest brother to their childhood home, a major family secret is revealed, and everyone is in danger.


5. Siblings Most Definitely Aren't Your Best Friends

Fear paralyzes me, though I'm good at not showing emotions. I stare at it blankly with the rest of my siblings.

I remember everything from that day. It hits me like a hurricane, but I don't let it show. It had been awful. I had been down there for a day and a half, staring at my sister's corpse while she began to decay.

I receded into a dark place in my mind. First I was hysterical, then it faded into the past. She couldn't be late for the dance, but she was seven years old. I was nearly catatonic, except for when I was able to get up, leave, and stare in that Godforsaken mirror.

Her blue eyes. My blue eyes. I don't know where Katy begins and I end.

I shiver violently, and James takes note.


"Yes?" I ask him, my voice not giving away my cracking mental state. The walls are coming down again. The levees are going to break and the hurricane waters are going to flood me again.

"Are you okay?"


James does not look convinced. Fine by me, but I won't let myself spiral again. I won't. I can't.

If I spiral again I'll be put back in that blasted mental hospital. 

Maybe the rumors that I chopped Katy up into little pieces and scattered her around the forest will surface again by the townspeople.

It was an accident. I didn't mean to kill Katy.

I haven't spoken to anyone of secret passages or Katy's whereabouts ever. 

Katy is still down there... down here, in the basement level secret passages.

"So, what do we do with it?" asks Andrew softly.

"I think we should leave it here," says Michaela softly, her words burning with fury. She's not looking at me, but I know who her words are for.

"We can't just leave the portrait down here," says James.

"It's just a bad reminder-" starts Michaela.

"What?" hisses James. "Katy is a bad reminder?"

"No!" yells Michaela. "I just hate this house! It's all one bad memory!" She rounds on Andrew. "Why did you make us come here?!"

Of course, that's when the sound of snapping bones can be heard. Wood splintering, bones splintering. There's no difference in the sound they make.

The stairs, already weak, coming crushing down on top of us.

And we're stuck. Hopelessly stuck, twenty feet down in the stone basement.

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