The Secrets of Dunharrow House

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  • Published: 14 May 2017
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2017
  • Status: Complete
When three siblings are called back by their eldest brother to their childhood home, a major family secret is revealed, and everyone is in danger.


12. Postscript

I drive into the little coastal town, looking back at the house. From a distance, it looks like it never existed in the first place. It seems like the entire incident never existed.

The others had left before me, in a kind of daze. Also, exhausted. Michaela called Richie, her son, and told him she would be home soon. James and Andrew gave each other an awkward hug and left in their own vehicles, then Michaela. 

That left me, the pseudo-youngest of the Dunharrows.

In the little town, talk that this was one of the biggest off season hurricanes was spreading. Apparently whatever government program watched hurricanes had already named it.

I stop at a cafe to get some coffee before the long drive home. I just stare at my hands, replaying all of the events in my mind, some questions still not answered, and I don't think ever will be. Like, why did Andrew want us to come there in the first place? He was acting strange right up until the passage. And where was Katy's body?

I mentally remind myself to call my siblings more - at least Andy and James.

"Coffee, dear," says the waitress, setting down the steaming mug in front of me. I don't look up.


"No problem."

I remember too late. "Hey, wait! I want some cream!" The petite waitress turns to me, and winks one of her blue eyes.

"Will do!" 

She skips away, her red hair bouncing behind her. I stare agape. An old man next to me said, "No one was prepared for Hurricane Kate."

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