The Secrets of Dunharrow House

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  • Published: 14 May 2017
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2017
  • Status: Complete
When three siblings are called back by their eldest brother to their childhood home, a major family secret is revealed, and everyone is in danger.


9. Maybe the Rumors Were True After All

We traverse the passages for hours, stopping twice because of my anxiety. I can tell Michaela is getting irritated with me, but I don't care. I feel like I'm being hollowed out and replaced with the girl that sat in front of the mirror and saw her reflection as her dead little sister.

The blue eyes. They're so piercing and shockingly blue. They stare at me every day and they never forgive me.

After many hours in the passages, we slump, exhausted, onto the ground. We're silent, except for ragged breathing, though something far away whistles and roars.

"Do you hear that?" I ask lightly. 

"What, the voices?" sneers Michaela. I ignore her.

"No. It sounds like a storm." We listen, and can very faintly hear roaring winds and smashing waves. 

"There was no storm watch today," says Andrew, exhausted. 

"But it's not yesterday anymore, is it?" James says rhetorically.

We sit in there for a few more minutes and get back up. It's only another hour of walking when the sounds of the storm become clearer, more ferocious. 

I begin to get chills and shake, that I know we're getting close. I can feel it. So can Katy.

We walk the stone pathways until Michaela points out excitedly, "Look! Light! It's light!"

She eggs us on, full of energy. My brothers are weary, but I'm jumpy and just want to get the hell away from this place, even if it means going back to the dang basement.

We finally get to the "light" Michaela had seen.

My heart seems to stop, because I know this place. 

The "light" Michaela had seen was none other than the hole Katy had fallen through. The hole I had stared into like it was an abyss for over a day, staring into my sister's dead eyes, and myself. She had fallen fifteen or twenty feet down into the subterranean pathways, broken and dead in the brine.

But her body was nowhere in sight.

But her bones were nowhere in sight.

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