Girls can to Play


1. high school baseball

This story is about a fourteen year old girl named Katlyn. Katlyn is the youngest in her family and is just starting high school. Her brother Corey is a Junior at the same school and their father, David is a coach at their school and also a gym teacher. Katlyn rides in with Corey and its already the third quarter of the year. She made some new friends and her best friend Bella is in most of her classes. Katlyn is a sporty girl but shy at times. She is afraid for the spring season because she is trying out for baseball and really doesn't know how the other guys are going to take it. David is the coach and her brother Corey is on the varsity team. She was raised up playing Football and baseball with her twelve uncles and boy cousins. She is afraid that she will be made fun of for playing a boys sport and afraid of getting rejected. One day she was having lunch with some of her friends outside. The boys were talking about baseball tryouts and how hard they are going to be. Katlyn just sat their listening and not saying a word, until Nicholas started to ask her if she was trying out for any sports. She didn't want to say anything until Bella hit her to say something.

Nicholas- so are you trying out for a sport?

Katlyn- actually I am trying out for baseball myself.

The other guys stopped what they were doing and stared at her like she was crazy.

Nicholas- really? Are you any good? Cause I heard the team needs it.

Bella- Katlyn was the best in her league at home.

Nicholas- cool. I like when a girl does something out of the box.

Katlyn- really, cause I was like raised to play. I have all boy cousins and was always forced to play. I eventually loved it.

Nicholas as amazed and fascinated while his friends just sat in utter shock. The bell rang and Katlyn and Bella left. Nicholas was about to leave but was pulled back to sit from one of his friends.

Nicholas- what?

Friend- are you serious right now.


friend- about Katlyn trying out for baseball.

Nicholas- what scared of a girl beating you?

Friend- no. she's a girl.

Nicholas-give her a chance. You might be surprised when she takes your spot on the team.

Friend- yeah. Ill be surprised on how bad she is. Lets just go to class.

Nicholas was the only one who had hope in Katlyn. It came time for tryout week or also known as hell week. The first day was to run a mile in under eight minutes. They started and all the boys sprinted off. Katlyn was running slower then them. One guy she heard say how she could never make it. She eventually passed all the boys who were dying because they didn't save their energy for a good finish. She came in first with a time of 6:30.

Coach David- that a new record for the mile on this team! Good job Katlyn.

Nicholas was next to his friend and told him to never underestimate a girl. He still didn't go for it. It was only a mile. He still doesn't know if she can hit the ball or catch it. Tryout week went by very slow but was finally over. Corey and Katlyn both made full varsity along with Nicholas, but his friend made swing. She was so excited and Bella was at all the games being her professional cheerleader. Nicholas was there as well to not make her feel left out. The other teammates slowly accepted it when she proved her skills. They had a really good team and knew that they could win their first game. Katlyn was playing second base and was also hitting as a lefty. They did win their game. During the game the pitcher said to his coach he didn't want to pitch and hit her. He just told him to man up and do it. She never hit the ball but got walked every time. In the field, she was on second, Corey was pitching, and Nicholas was playing right field. Katlyn caught three pop flies and tagged four people out. At the end of the game the opponent's coach came over to Katlyn and told her that she is a really good player and had a lot of guts to play on an all boys baseball team. She just said thanks and got a lot of dirty looks from the other team. Katlyn was playing really well and so was Corey. David loved seeing his daughter play with the guys and doing hat she loves to do no matter who hates her for it. Throughout the season Katlyn started to fall for Nicholas and he did the same. Nothing really happened until the championship. It was against one of the hardest schools in their division. Katlyn and Nicholas were warming up by playing some Catch. Three kids from the other school came over to them and started to talk to them.

Player- aw look at that. A girlfriend helping her boyfriend warm up for the game.

Katlyn- no actually I am warming up with my teammate.

Player- I heard about you. You're good, but not that good. Everyone knows that girls can't play baseball.

Nicholas- hey. Just leave her alone. She is one of the best players on our team and we can't play without her. So just back away.

Katlyn was hurt but felt better when Nicholas stood up for her. The three boys left and Nicholas went over to Katlyn to comfort her. The umpire blew his whistle and team captains went up to do the coin toss. Coach David won and they get field first which meant they have last bats. It was the last inning and Katlyn was soon um to bat. She walked two times this game. She was determined to hit the ball this time. The score is 5-5 with two outs and last bats. Nicholas was on second, Corey was on first and the captain was on third. The bases are loaded and the kid who told her she can't play ball was pitching. Katlyn gets a strike for not swinging, and the second pitch goes right into her side and falls to the ground. Coach comes out to help her up. The umpire says to take her base.

Katlyn- no.

Coach David- No?

Katlyn- I haven't hit a ball all season and walked every time! I want to hit it!

Coach David- there's two outs we could win right here.

Katlyn- you always told me it's not about winning but the love of the game. Just trust me.

Coach David- …....OK. Fine. Ump?

Umpire- OK. That's a ball then.

The whole team is going to hate her if she doesn't hit the ball or get on base. The other team was so happy because the pitcher knew she was going to lose. He throws a curve ball. It came right on the outer edge of the plate and Katlyn swings at it. The ball flies over the outfielders heads and everyone just stares at it. Going and going and going and over the fence it goes. It was a home run. Katlyn almost broke down but had to run the bases. A huge smile was on her face while running the bases. The pitcher was amazed and the other coach was so upset. They really didn't have good sportsmanship on that team. The other players on base were so excited and ran the bases and the whole team was waiting for Katlyn at home plate. She jumped on it and was picked up by her dad and brother and given the trophy. Katlyn just won the school its first championship in over fifteen years. They all celebrated by going out for pizza. Nicholas stole Katlyn and took her outside.

Nicholas- congrats Katlyn you had a great season.

Katlyn- thanks you did as well. So why did you bring me out here?

Nicholas- well I kinda wanted to ask you if you might want to possibly, you and me maybe...

Katlyn- if I want to go out with you. Yes I would love to and it's about time you asked.

Nicholas- hey. Lets go back inside.

Nicholas was walking away but Katlyn pulled him back really close.

Katlyn- before you go.

Katlyn pulled him in and the kissed. It was about time because they both knew they liked each other at the beginning of the season. When they came apart all they heard was the team making stupid childish sounds mocking them. They both just laughed at it.

Nicholas- I think we have been caught.

Katlyn- really. Didn't notice. Maybe my dad didn't see it.

Nicholas- will he be mad?

Katlyn- I hope not. Nothing like this has happened before.

The were both laughing at the incident while going back inside. The team was teasing them both about what happen but Coach David just told them no kissing on the field. It was actually really cute and Nicholas was excited to have a girl to play baseball with and so was katlyn. Nicholas was the reason why she felt so comfortable on the team at first. A girl can do what ever she wants to do as long as it makes her happy. And being on the baseball team and being with Nicholas bade Katlyn very happy.

The End

word count: 1,590

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