When Perfect Ends

Lace had a perfect life. Perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect family. Later she learns how the real life really works. Good things come to an end. Her life falls apart. It's all because of one mistake.


3. My Darling

Lace's Point Of View

That night I couldn't get to sleep. Fear taking over. My thoughts, distant memories taunting me. Waiting. My thoughts the one place I can take sanctuary, even sometimes they can turn on me. Why is my thoughts my sanctuary? Who knows.



"Is everything okay?"
"Yes! I promise!" 

It was not okay.

"Daddy don't lie."
"I'm not."

"Why were you and mommy yelling?"

"It's nothing sweetheart."

"Is it my fault? Did I do anything wrong?"
"No never say that. You are amazing, and talented. You did nothing wrong. It was just one fight.Nothing to worry about.  My darling.

Me being my 4th grade self believed that. Believed that this was just one fight. One bad night. It wouldn't escalate. Mommy and daddy trusted each other. I was wrong. So, so wrong. 

Thoughts. They will remind you about your past. Good memories sometimes.  Bad memories mostly. Anxiety. Fills you with this fear and caution. 

"Knock! Knock!" Jasmine said as she came in. "How you holding up?" "I'm okay Jasmine, I reassured her. "You sure?" Jasmine asked. "I'm fine really," I said. "You're a terrible liar," Jasmine said as she sat next to me. "What? I'm not lying!" I exclaimed. "Fine. Fine," Jasmine said, "But-" "Jasmine!" I exclaimed. "I was just going to ask about Chase," Jasmine said, "Why are you so mad at him?" "Because he's lying to me. Heck everyone else is," I said.

"How do you know he's really lying to you?" Jasmine asked. "I-i-" "Exactly," Jasmine said as she left my room.

That moment. That exact moment. I realized. Somebody. Somebody who I gave all my love 2 years lied. Lied to me. Tears filled my eyes. That anxiety growing stronger. Wanting to go after Jasmine, to really tell her. I didn't. I sat there on my bed. Thinking. Until my dad, my amazing loving dad came in.

"Lace?" he asked as he pulled me into a hug,"Lace, my darling? What's wrong?"
"Daddy," that's all. That's all I could say.

My mom rushed in along with Jasmine. Pushing daddy aside.

"What did you do?!" my mom yelled at my dad.

It's sad. Sad to see two people who once loved each other in such a sad, sad state. I considered my mom and dad not bad people. They didn't do anything wrong. They just stopped loving each other. They are good people.

"He didn't do anything mom," I said, "can I just say goodbye to daddy before he leaves tonight?"

Jasmine and mom left the room.

"My darling," my dad said pulling me into a very tight hug. Like it would be the last hug we would ever have.


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