When Perfect Ends

Lace had a perfect life. Perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect family. Later she learns how the real life really works. Good things come to an end. Her life falls apart. It's all because of one mistake.


2. I Understand

Lace's Point Of View

"I've told you about a million times Tom!" "Oh so now I'm The bad guy?" "Ugh you were always the bad guy!" "Really? At least I'm not the one wasting all the money!" "That's it you're sleeping on the couch!" 

Welcome to the last 3 months. Everyday my parents would fight. I remember when we were all one big happy family. I know my mom is trying. It's my dad that doesn't understand. It was about 1 a.m. when they finally decide to stop fighting and go to sleep. But some nights it's 3 a.m. until they stop fighting. Those are the worst nights.

Also I kept thinking about what Chase said. I confronted Micheal about it, but he said that Chase was just lying to me. I have to believe Micheal, he would never lie to me. But then again neither would Chase. It was too complicated to think about it right now. 

"Hey Lace are you okay?" my mom asked as she walked in my room. "I'm fine mom. Why do you ask?" I asked. "I just wanted to know," my mom answered. "Is everything okay with you mom?" I asked. "Umm about that... Me and your dad are getting into a divorce," my mom reluctantly said. "I understand mom," I said. "I'm sorry honey," my mom said quietly. "It's okay mom," I said. 

"Lace? Hello?" "Jasmine! You're home?!" I exclaimed as Jasmine walked into the room. "There's my baby sister!" Jasmine exclaimed pulling me into a hug. "How are you home?" I asked. "I'm out for the summer!" Jasmine exclaimed. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah my college gets out earlier than high school,"Jasmine explained. "That's great!" I said. "So you doing okay?" Jasmine asked. "Mom told you already?" I asked. "About the divorce? Yeah she did," Jasmine answered. "I see," I mumbled. "Anyways, moving on. How's things with you and Micheal?" Jasmine asked. "Couldn't be better!" I exclaimed. "Really?!" Jasmine asked. "Why do you sound so surprised?" I asked. "Well I just talked to Chase," Jasmine said,"He said Micheal cheated on you." "What?! Micheal cheated on you?!" my mom exclaimed. "No! No! No! Chase was lying! He's just jealous!" I tried to explain. "Okay," Jasmine said sarcastically. 


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