Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


14. N

We were walking through the streets of Seoul and I was still confused about the phone call. I didn't know who to trust, I kinda trusted Jungkook, but maybe Yoongi was leading to something I didn't know. 

Jungkook had to run into a building so I stood outside and waited for him to comeback. I pushed the glasses further up onto my face and I kicked at some dirt with my shoe. 

"Jimin?" I hear and I lift my head up, looking around for the source of the voice. A few feet away from me, I see Taehyung standing there with a shocked look on his face. "Jimin, is that you?" He asks and I walk a few steps closer to him, feeling him run over to me and hug me tightly. "I didn't think I was going to ever see you again!" He said and tears begun to pour down his face. 

"I'm okay, Tae, I've just been living life.... silently," I say and I pull away from the hug, looking at him with a bright smile on my face. 

"What happened to your face?" He asked and he leaned in to get a closer look. "Did some one hit you?" 

"Taehyung.. I.." I placed a hand over my cheek and I sniffle lightly. "I'm okay, Taehyung, really!" I smile and I look up at at him. "How have you been?" 

"Worried, I was scared that you were going to be dead the next time I seen you," he said and he looked up a the building. "So, what are you doing outside here? Why aren't you back home?" 

"I.." I think for a second and I look around the area, "I um... I'm living with my um.... boyfriend! I'm living with my boyfriend." I say, but on the inside I'm hitting my head up against a lamppost. Way to make yourself sound completely fine, Jimin. Way to go. 

"Jimin? You're acting really weird, are you okay?" He asks and I nod my head. Seeing the doors to the building open.

I look over and I see Jungkook step out and walk over to us. "Come on." He says and I bite my bottom lip. 

"Five more minutes please," Taehyung says and I feel Jungkook take my wrist into his hand. 

"We don't have a lot of time, we need to go," he said and I rest my head on Jungkook's shoulder.

"Pleaseeeeeee, I promise that it will only be five more minutes," I say and I look up at him with puppy dog eyes, seeing him shake his head. "Please, Jungkook~" 

He gripped my wrist and begun to drag me away. "Ow! Jungkook, that hurts!" I say and I pull my wrist from his grasp. 

"Hello, police. I found Park Jimin, he's with his kidnapper." I hear Taehyung say and I look over at him quickly, seeing he was pulling his cellphone away from his ear. "Boyfriend my ass, you don't have to lie to me Jimin. You told me about the messages and this is the guy, isn't it? He kidnapped you and you're making up a good story for him, he just grabbed you... not only that, but I bet he gave you that bruise too." 

I could feel the anger just radiating off of Jungkook. "Baby, we need to get out of here." He whispers and I feel Taehyung grip my arm. 

I look back at him, seeing he was looking at me in a concerned way. "Don't let him push you around, Jimin. He's over, this little performance is done, don't go with him." 

"Baby, if we don't go now, I'm going to get in serious trouble," Jungkook whispers.

"Jimin, you're your own person, don't let him get away from it, you've been gone for a month and a few weeks.. it's time to come home." Taehyung says. 

"Don't listen to him, baby, I love you so much, I'm always here for you, you helped me get away from Yoongi. We're a great team," Jungkook says and I begin to look back and fourth between the two of them. 

"No matter what you choose, he's still going to jail," Taehyung says as the sounds of police sirens are heard in the air. "I love you, Jimin. I mean it, I've been wanting to tell you that for a long time. Now must be the time to tell you that." 

"Don't Fucking hit on my boyfriend!" Jungkook yelled and he gripped Taehyung's collar. 

The police car pulls into the driveway and Jungkook pulls his hand off of Taehyung's clothes, he grips my hand and he begins to run down the street, towing me behind him. 

"Jungkook, that hurts!" I say and I feel him stop for a second to pick me up. He begun to run and I gripped onto his shirt tightly. "Jungkook, why are you doing this?!" 

"I don't want to be away from you!" He said and I bite down on my bottom lip. I looked over his shoulder, seeing Taehyung was running up the street after us. 

"Stop!" He called out, "put him down!" He added and the sounds of police sirens fill the air. 

"Jungkook, you're going to get caught, just stop!" I say and I feel him grip onto my body tighter. 

"No! Jimin, I'm not leaving you! You're mine, remember?! You're my beautiful boyfriend and I'm not going anywhere!" He turned around a street corner and I turned, seeing Taehyung was still running after us with all the energy he had and he was beginning to catch up to us. "You're special to me, I love you," Jungkook whispered and I feel a few tears fall down my face. 

"You're going to get hurt, Jungkook." I whisper and I watch as he cuts into an alley way. 

"I won't be the one getting hurt," he whispered back and he ran through the alley way until we came to the end. He set me down onto my feet and I see Taehyung run in towards us. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing to him?!" He yelled and I felt Jungkook wrap an arm around my chest and pull me closer to his body. 

"Don't take a single step," he said and he pulled a knife from his pocket, pointing it to my neck. I see the cops run in and I feel tears fall down my face quickly. 

This couldn't have been real life, there was no way that this was happening... he wouldn't.... he wouldn't...

"Move a step and I'll end us both right here, right now," Jungkook said and he backed up a little more until both our backs hit the brick wall behind us. "If I can't have him, no one can have him.." 

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