Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


10. J

"You're such a baby," Jungkook laughs and he pulls on the trigger. "There's no bullets," he whispered and he set the gun over to one side. "I'm so fucking tired," he gets off me and he pulls the comforter back, getting into the bed with me. "Its too late for this shit, go to bed."

I felt my body shake and I placed my hands over my face. He succeeded, he made me scared. I bite my lip and I wipe the tears off my face. I turned over on my side so that my back was facing him. I rested my head on the pillow and I looked at the gun on the bedside table. I pull the drawer to the bedside table open and I place the gun inside, closing the drawer again quietly. 

I looked over at Jungkook, seeing he had already fell asleep. I sigh lightly and I shut my eyes tight, slowly falling asleep as well.

The next morning, things went on like they had never happened. Its always that way, Jungkook does something that hurts me and the next minute he smiles like he hasn't layed a finger on me ever. 

Today, however, he seems different and I've noticed he had been acting like that for a while now. I didn't know what it could be, Jungkook doesn't seem to have close relationships outside the household. He's on his phone a lot, but he usually only leaves when he has to get groceries. 

"Are you okay, Jungkook?" I asked quietly and I sat a bit closer to him on the edge of the bed. 

"Stay out of my business," he said and he glared over at me. "What would you do about it anyway? You're pathetic! You disgust me, Jimin! Why the hell are you always up in my buisnes when you have no place to be there?!" 

I bit my lip and I look down at my lap, "I just wanted to make sure yo-" I begun, but I was cut off by Jungkook grabbing my throat. 

"You don't listen, do you?" He looked into my eyes and he shook his head. "Stay the fuck out of my business." 

I nod my head lightly, "I'm sorry.." I say quietly and I feel his hand move away from my throat. 

"You're forgiven," he said and he kissed my lips. "Its time for you to sleep, you didn't get a lot last night," he said and he stood up from the cot, placing the book he was holding down onto the bedside table. 

I was just pulling back the blankets when I heard a door slam from upstairs. My immediate reaction was to look over at Jungkook who was standing in the middle of the room like a deer caught in headlights. 

"Jungkook! Where the fuck are you?!" I hear some one yell and Jungkook darted towards the steps. 

"J-jungkook?" I whisper and I get off the bed, looking over to see what he was doing. He closed the door softly and he locked it, rushing down the steps with a look of fright on his face. "Jungkook?" 

"Shut up, Jimin." He grabbed my waist and he rushed me over to the corner of the room. He sat down and he pulled me into his arms, wrapping his arms around me tightly. 

His face was pale, the spark in his eyes completely disappeared and he had a terrified look on his face, I hadn't seen Jungkook like this before. "What's going on?" I whisper and Jungkook pulled me closer. 

"Jeon Jungkook! I know you're in this damn house! I will burn this full fucking place down if I got too!" Was heard from upstairs. 

I felt fright wash over my body as well, a banging coming from the door at the top of the stairs. I burrowed my head into Jungkook's chest, listening to his fast pace heartbeat. 

"Don't let go of me, Jimin. Please." He whispered and I glanced up at him, seeing he had tears falling down his face.

"Jungkook.." I say and I place my hands on his cheeks, wiping his tears away. 

"I need to solve this issue, you have to stay here, don't come anywhere near the stairs or door until I come to get you. Okay?" He stroked my cheek with his thumb and he looked at me in a way he's never looked at me before. It was in a... Loving way... 

"No, Jungkook! You can't!" I yell whisper and I grip onto his t shirt when he begun to move away from my body. 

"Listen to me, I'll be okay. I need to make sure that you don't get hurt." He said and I heard something break from upstairs. "Its the only way to get him to leave." 

"What if he hurts you?" 

"I've been hurt in more ways than one, I can take it," he said, but he looked hesitant and he still had that scared look on his face as there were more bangs on the doors. 

He stood up and he walked over towards the stairs. I listened to the sounds of his shoes clicking on the stairs, then I heard a door open and close. My heart was pounding like crazy and I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I was kind of beginning to realize why Jungkook was the way he was.. I mean not really since I didn't know what was going on, but there was a very high chance that this person upstairs was a very big contributor to his crazy head. 

Loud footsteps where beating across the floors. I pulled my knees to my chest and I looked up at the cieling. 

"Why were you hiding from me, Jungkook?!" I hear and I feel my body freeze in place. 

"I'm sorry!" Jungkook yells and I pulled my knees closer to my body for the comfort. 

"You're cheating on me! Aren't you?!" 

"I said it was over!" 

"Over isn't good enough for me, Jungkook!" 

"Get out of my house!"

"No! I'm not leaving! You're so fucking worthless! Like can you even do anything right?! Youre a scum bag, you belong on the streets!" The guy yells and I feel myself get angry at the things he was saying. 

"Stop!" Jungkook yells out and I hear some thuds and bangs from upstairs. 

"Shut up!" 

"Yoongi, I'm sorry!"

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