Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


8. H

"What was all of that?!" I yell as we got back to the house. Jungkook was silent the full entire time, he didn't even seem unphased which makes me highly concerned. 

"Shh!" He said and he got out of the car, walking over to close the garage door. "I need money to buy my boyfriend nice things, right?" He pulled me out of the car and he looked at me. "Sorry, I didn't know he was going to be so handsy with you," he said and he ruffled my hair. 

"That's how you make money? What about a job?" I say, feeling him push me into the house. 

"A job would take too long and I suddenly have two mouths to feed, so it's not like I'm going to make much of a living by sitting at home," Jungkook slipped the money inside a vase on a book self. "I'll buy you new clothes, trust me." 

"Jungkook!" I yelled and I looked over at him with disbelief. "You just killed someone!" I yell and he shrugs his shoulders. 

"Wasn't the first time, won't be the last," he said and he gripped my arm, leading me over to the basement. "I told you to play along, you should have expected what was going to happen." 

"I didn't understand what that meant!" I felt him take the handcuffs off me and toss them to one side. I bite my lip and I look back at him. "I thought you said I had to keep them on?" I ask and I rub my sore wrist with my opposite hand. "You scared I'm going to run out on you?" 

"You're a little bitch, you won't run anywhere," he said, poking his finger against my forehead. 

I sighed and I nodded my head lightly. "Yeah, you're right.." I say quietly and I sit down on the cot, looking around the room. "But still, are you on drugs or something?" 

"No," he said and he pulled his phone out of his pocket. "I trust you, it's not like you have a great life outside this house." He held the phone up towards me and he took a picture of me. "I'll add it to the collection after," he slipped the phone into his pocket and he nodded his head at me. "Be back later." 

Later must mean thirty years to Jungkook because it was four in the God damn morning and he still wasn't back yet. I didn't care much for Jungkook, but I was still scared that something bad could have happened to him. Not on his sake, my sake! The door was locked and if Jungkook wasn't home, how was I going to open the door? I was like a hamster in a cage, a legit hamster! No one would know where I was! No one! 

I let out a deep breath and I pulled the blanket over my head, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. My head was overfilling with thoughts, I was so anxious. He got into a car crash, I know it! I felt tears begin to fall down my face, but I quickly wiped them away. I wasn't going to show sympathy to the boy who kidnapped me and now beats me occasionally. 

I heard a door close from upstairs and I quickly uncovered my head, looking up at the ceiling. I heard the foot steps slowly make their way across the floor boards, my eyes tracing a path over the ceiling above. He made it home, I sighed in relief and I rolled over on my side, looking at the plain wall in front of me. 

I closed my eyes and I slowly drifted off to sleep. 


"Jimin." I hear some one whisper.

I shifted slightly. 

"Jimin, wake up!" I hear the person whisper louder into my ear. 

I suddenly smell alcohol, a strong scent of alcohol and I opened my eyes, seeing Jungkook hovering over me. His eyes were locked with mine, lips slightly parted, his cheeks coloured over with a hint of red. 

"Jungkook... what are y-" I feel his lips connect to mine and I feel my eyes widen with shock. I move my hands to his shoulders in attempts to push him away, but he was too strong for me. 

I feel him kiss along my lips and I try to push him off with more of my strength. "Jungkook, no!" I said and I feel him grip my wrists, slamming my back down against the mattress, a surprised yelp escaping from my lips. 

"Don't speak, Jimin." He said and his lips traced along the shell of my ear, causing shivers to go down my spine. "Don't act like you don't like it, when I know that you do," he half slurred, half whispered into my ear. 

"Jungkook, you're drunk. You don't know what you're doing," I say and I look up at him with scared eyes. "I don't want this, stop, you're scaring me." 

"I'm scaring you?" Jungkook laughed and he pushed my body further into the mattress "I'm scaring you? I'm only touching you, dumbass! You want me to scare you? Huh?!" He let go of my wrists and I feel tears begin to fall. 

"N-no.. Jungkook.." 

Jungkook leaned over and pulled the gun from the bedside table. He smirked lightly at the object in his hands and he looked down at me. 

"Jungkook, put it down!" I sob out and I feel my breath become short. 

"My mom always told me I was dangerous," he said and he smiled lightly as he pointed the gun to my head. "She was a kind woman, my father always beat her and laid his hands on her. I stabbed him in the shoulder with a butter knife when I was thirteen years old. My mom was scared of me, petrified. You remind me a bit of her, you know. You're just a lot more beautiful than she would have ever been." Jungkooks finger slid over the trigger and he smiled. "You haven't said that apology yet, have you?" 

"J-jungkook.. I'm sorry! I-i really am.. Please.. Jungkook, no," I said and I shut my eyes tightly. Everything to me was happening in slow motion, I was so scared. I was covered in a layer of sweat, my cheeks soaked with my tears and although my vision was blurry, I could only see images of a monster hovered over me. 

"Good night, Jimine~"

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