Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


3. C

I was very frightened to leave my apartment and go to dance class. I didn't want to leave, but we had a competition in a few days and I couldn't let Hoseok down. 

I was walking along the streets and I kept hearing footsteps behind me, when ever I would turn around, nothing would be there. I was being paranoid again, I told myself that over and over.. But nothing stopped the footsteps. 

"Jimin, get a hold of yourself," I speak quietly and I look down at my feet as I walked along the sidewalk. I'm sure I'd be okay, I have nothing to be scared of. 

"Hey!" Some one yells and I feel every inch of my body freeze. I turn around slightly, seeing there was someone walking towards, fully dressed in black with his face covered by a facemask and a pair of sunglasses. "Don't move an inch!" He ordered and I ran as fast as I could. F**k that. 

I got to the building quickly and I shut the door behind me, seeing Hoseok was doing warm ups. 

"Finally," he said and he got up off the floor, stretching his arms one last time before walking over to me. "Whoa.. Are you okay? You seem out of breath," he says and he places a hand on my shoulder. 

"I'm okay, Hyung. Lost track of time so I ran here," I lied and I dropped my bag down on the floor, pulling my sweater off so I could start warming up. 

"I don't think you have been, Jimin." Hoseok folds his arms over his chest, "you've been acting different for a while now, I didnt pay much mind to it, but its starting to get a bit much..."

"I'm okay, I promise!" I say and I go back to my stretches, wishing he'd change the subject. "Did you see that new episode of Hwarang?" I ask and I run a hand through my orange hair. 

"No, didn't have time to see it, but don't spoil it for me. Okay?" Hoseok chuckled lightly and I stood next to him, thinking over the dance moves in my head. 

At the end of the night, me and Hoseok were left out of breathe and tired. I don't think I have ever worked so hard in my life. I finished packing my things and I stood up, pulling my bag over my shoulder. "I'm going to leave first, I need fresh air so badly." 

"Okay, have a safe trip home! If you need me, call me!" Hoseok waved me goodbye and I headed out of the building and around the corner. 

I was walking the dark streets perfectly until I heard a car door slam. I was then suddenly reminded that I had a stalker and if I didn't hurry the f**k up, I was going to get stolen. 

I pulled my ear buds out from my sweater pocket and I plugged the cord into the headphone jack. I chose a song and I slipped the ear buds into my ears. I wrapped my arms around my body, feeling the cold air refresh my sweaty skin. 

As I was turning around the last corner before I got to my house, I felt someone grab my arm. I was too scared to look back, in the moment I was so paralyzed with fear that I couldn't even yell. I felt the hands pull me back, an arm suddenly wrapped around my chest as the other hand brought a soaked paper towel up to my mouth and nose and held it there. 

The last thing I could remember before blacking out was seeing a tall pole lamps light flicker to black. When I regained consciousness, I realized that I couldn't move my arms. My head hurt so bad and all I could see was blackness around me. Where was I?

"Ah, you're awake," I hear some one say. At that moment everything became set in stone for me and tears begun to fall down my face as I thrashed around in the chair I was sitting in.

"Who the f**k are you?!" I sob out and I look up at the person walking towards me in the darkness. His hands met the light first, he brought them up on my cheeks, thumbs wiping away my tears. "Don't touch me." 

"That's something to say to your boyfriend, isn't it? Jimin I've been waiting so long for this moment, I want to enjoy it," he says and he steps into the light. He was a handsome guy with light brown hair and brown eyes, he had a kind look on his face but that wasn't going to change the fact that he's a kidnapper. "I'm Jungkook, and I'm yours," he whispered into my ear. "You look so much more beautiful, in person," he said and I felt shivers run down my spine. 

"I want to go home.." I say and I feel him shake the chair violently. 

"Home? You want to go home?!" He laughed and he gripped my neck, pulling me foreword so that I was looking at him directly in the eyes. "This is your home," he clenched his teeth together and he moved his hand from my neck roughly. His facial expression became softer when I looked at him with fright, he set his hands on my cheeks and I leaned my cheek into his hand. When he moved his hand closer to my mouth, I bite down on his fingers as hard as I could. "Ah! You son of a b**ch!" He yelled and he slapped me across the face with his opposite hand. 

I bit my lip and I pressed my cheek against my shoulder, feeling it burn really badly. I glanced over at him, seeing he was looking at his fingers, flexing his hand to make sure he could still move it. Blood was dripping off his fingers and he chuckled softly. "And to think I was going to treat you with kindness, bring you here, love you, not anymore. You're going to have to do a lot to make it up to me," he smeared blood from his fingers over my face and he looked at me evilly. "You want to be bad? I can be 10x worse."

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