Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


2. B

"What?" Taehyung blinked a few times, but he opened the door for me when I look at him with a dead serious look on my face. "Stalking you? Are you sure you're correct, did you see someone?" 

I felt my full body physically shake and I glanced around the apartment before I took off my shoes. I stepped into the living room and I wrap my arms around my body. "I.." I noticed the curtains were open and I walked over, pulling them shut so that there was no possible way that anyone could look in side.

"You're freaking me out a bit, Jimin. Are you okay?" He asked and he placed his hands on my shoulders, walking me over to the couch so that we could sit down and talk. "Okay, take a deep breathe and tell me what's going on." 

I did as he told me and I breathed in deeply, feeling my body calm down slightly. "It started a while ago with this Instagram page that kept liking and commenting on all my photos, the person would say how attractive I was and they seemed harmless, just a bit creepy." I wrap my arms around my body tighter and I stare at the coffee table in front of us. "It got to the point where they were non stop private messaging me through Instagram, so I blocked them and for a while everything was great. I received a text last week from the same person off Instagram, they wouldn't leave me alone so I blocked their number and for the next few days things were okay again, until I received another text recently from the same person. He was texting me these weird things, saying I was his boyfriend. He sent me a picture of myself, and I asked him how he got it, he told me that he had a lot of pictures of me and that he knew everything about me. He even said that he was always watching me, I told him that he was freaking me out and then..." I trail off and I burst into tears, thinking over the nights events in my head. 

"Jimin, it's okay. What happened after that?" Taehyung asks and he wraps his arms around my body, gently stroking my hair as he rested his cheek against my head. "You're safe here, Jimin, you don't need to feel scared." 

"I hung out with Hoseok today at the place that we always go to. When I left I went straight home, I got in the shower and I sat down at the table to eat some ramen. Around the same time I had picked up my phone again to continue the conversation I had left off when I got into the shower. After all of what I just said happened, he told me to finish my ramen and go to sleep." I spoke through tears and I gripped onto Taehyung's arm, feeling my stomach begin to churn. "He seen me, he knew what I was doing, how did he know what I was doing?" I cry out and I feel Taehyung hug me tighter. 

"Well have to call the police then, where's your phone? I want to see the messages," he says and I bite down on my bottom lip, trying to stop the tears that were pouring down my face, 

"My phone is in my apartment, I couldn't bring myself to take it, I was too creeped out. You can't tell the police, Taehyung, he sees me, he probably sees us right now and I bet he's angry cause I'm not responding to my meassages when I'm supposed to be responding to him. I'm so scared, Taehyung.. I don't know what's going to happen, what if he kills me? What am I going to do?" 

"Jimin, we need to tell the cops, I don't care what he tries to do, we need to take legal action. I don't give a f**k that he sees us, I hope he sees us so I could flip him off," Taehyung sighed and he moved away from me, getting up from the couch. "Lets go to bed, Jimin, you've had a crazy night, you deserve a good nights sleep." He held out his hands to me and I took them, feeling him pull me up off the couch. 

"I'm scared of coming in counter with him..." I whisper and he doesn't say anything, all he does is rub my back and that was the best sign he could give to let me know that I had to shut up and just relax for now. 

Taehyung fell asleep way before I did. He passed out when his head hit the pillow, but me on the other hand, I lid awake just tossing and turning as I read the texts back over in my mind. I don't know if this was a joke or not, but it certainly wasn't funny, who would even joke like that anyway? That's just cruel. 

I lid down on my side and I looked over at Taehyung seeing he was still asleep, mouth slightly separated with light snores coming from him. I wrapped my arms around him and I cuddled into him, burrowing my face in his chest and smelling his cologne. There was something about Taehyung that just made me feel so safe when I was around him, he definitely had a safe nature to him, since I have always felt that way when I was near him, no matter what the situation was, he just kept me safe. Now with this situation, I knew he would keep me safe again and if anything were to happen, he'd be the first person to set help me. 

I finally got to sleep early in the morning, cuddled up into a little ball at Taehyung's side. I had a really bad dream and woke up later in the day to an empty bed. Taehyung must have gone to work, he worked on and off throughout the week so today must have been one of them. I get out of bed and I walk out of the room and over to the porch, I pulled on my shoes and I walked out of the apartment. I had to stop being a wuss, grow some balls and go into my apartment.. what's the worse that could happen? I live with a lot of other people. 

I walked down the hall and I turn to face my door. I was hesitant, but I typed in my password and pushed the door open slightly. I slipped inside and I pulled off my shoes, looking around the apartment to make sure nothing was there. I walk over to the couch and I pick up my phone, I turn it on and I sit back. When it comes on I go into my messages and I bite down on my bottom lip.

From Unknown: Jimin? 
From Unknown: Where are you going? 
From Unknown: Answer your phone. Now.
From Unknown: I'm not playing games, Jimin.
From Unknown: this is a warning Jimin, answer the god damn phone! 
From Unknown: who is he?! Why the hell are you cheating on me?
From Unknown: I'm coming to get you
From Unknown: I was going to treat you nicely, but you've pushed it.

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