Here's some simple rules
1. Don't ignore him
2. Don't bite the kidnapper
3. Follow the rules
4. What ever you do, do not make him angry

Never trust a stranger


1. A

Before this fanficton starts, I know that this can be a very touchy subject to people so if you are sensitive please don't read this. This story is pure fiction besides the characters who are from BTS. This story is meant to entertain, not to harm people. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy :) 


I sat in a cafe with my best friend Jung Hoseok. We were halfing a pink frosted cup cake that I had bought out of a small bit of change that I had in my pocket. Hoseok was my hyung, he had been my best friend for a really really long time, ever since I had started dancing at the same class as him and ever since then we've been stuck together like glue. 

"You seem like you have something on your mind," Hoseok says suddenly, setting his cell phone down on the table top to look up at me with a look of concern. "I don't want you to hide things from me, you say that it's nothing when I bring it up but I know you Jimin." 

"Hyung, trust me." I lick some frosting from my top lip and I look over at him, "I'm perfectly fine, I'm just tired from all the dance practicing we've been doing, you know?" 

"Yeah," he sighs and he stuffs the last bit of his half of the cup cake into his mouth. "You've been dancing really hard lately too, you're doing really well." 

"Thank you," I say and I lick some frosting off my thumb. "You've been doing really well too, not like I need to tell you." I chuckle and I hear my phone ding. I bite my bottom lip and I put my phone on mute, turning it over so that it was face down on the table. 

"Trying to avoid someone?" He asks and I nod my head slightly in response. 

"I know you worry about me, hyung... but it's really okay, I'll let you know if I need anything, I promise you I will," I look up at the time and I stuff the rest of the cupcake in my mouth. "I will see you later, bye!" I muffle with my mouth full. 

Hoseok laughed lightly and he nodded his head, "ill stay here and I'll finish my ice tea, I'll text you later, okay? And let me know when you make it home safely." 

I nod and I wave to him one last time before heading out of the cafe. I ran a hand through my hair and I walked down the streets, pulling my phone out of my pocket to check my messages. 

From Unknown: Good Morning sunshine
From Unknown: Have you eaten yet? 
From Unknown: What are you doing? 
From Unknown: Answer me please, babe. I want to talk to you 
From Unknown: I want to kiss all over your body

To Unknown: Who the fuck is this?! 

I furrowed my eyebrows and I looked down at my phone screen, seeing it took this mystery person no time at all to reply. It started off on Instagram, this person was liking all my pictures, commenting on all them, dming me all the time and I had enough so I blocked them. Now this person some how got my number, I blocked him once but he changed his number and now he is still texting me. So, I gave up. 

From Unknown: Your boyfriend, silly 😜 

To Unknown: You aren't my boyfriend, I don't have a boyfriend

From Unknown: I love it when you play hard to get baby 😉

To Unknown: Stop texting me you f**king pervert 

From Unknown: That's not nice, how dare you say that to your boyfriend, apologize. 

I turn off my phone and I walk faster, ever since I had been receiving these texts, I started to have this weird feeling that I was constantly being watched. I couldn't just abandon my relationships with my friends, that was the only thing that was keeping me out of the house for the rest of my life. 

I rushed up the steps to my apartment building and I type in the password quickly, pushing the door open as it clicks. When I walked inside I shut the door behind me and I locked it, I pulled my shoes off and I slowly walked into my home, peering around to make sure I was the only one there. I was being so paranoid,I know, but if you were in my situation, you'd be paranoid too. 

I set my phone on the table and I walk into my room to get some clothes from my closet. I tossed the clothing onto my bed and I walked over to the bathroom to have a shower. My muscles were hurting from dancing so hard, but the truth is that dancing was the only thing that ever allowed my mind to wander away from all the problems I had been facing. 

I stood under the shower head, feeling the warm water wash over my face and body. I closed my eyes and I tilted my head back slightly, running my hands through my orange locks of hair. I thought I heard a sound and I stood back from the shower head, I stood completely still, listening carefully for any noises that did not belong to my apartment. I didn't hear anything so I blamed it on the paranoia again, I was so caught up in this mysterious person that I was making myself insane. 

I dried my body off and I shook a towel through my hair. I headed into my room and I pulled on my clothes. I hummed lightly as I walked back out to the kitchen, I made a cup of ramen and I sat at the table, stirring my chopsticks around the the cup. I ate my noodles quietly and I picked up my phone, seeing I had a bunch of new messages

From Unknown: I said to apologize to me, Park Jimin.
From Unknown: Apologize Jimin. Now. 
From Unknown: I don't want to hurt you baby, but apologize to me know before I regret it.
From Unknown: So you're just going to ignore me now? 
From Unknown: Park Jimin answer this god damn phone, will you?! 
From Unknown: That's it

To Unknown: Why should I be sorry? I'm living my life and youre non stop texting me... I have never met you before in my life. 

From Unknown: You're my boyfriend, Jimin. I expect you to follow my rules. 

To Unknown: Your rules? Excuse me? 

From Unknown: You read my message, it is what it is. 

To Unknown: No. I'm not your boyfriend, and even if I was I wouldn't follow your rules, I'm my own person. I can do what ever the f**k I want too.

From Unknown: I don't appreciate you talking to me like this. 

To Unknown: like what?! 

From Unknown: You look so handsome here, baby 

From Unknown sent a photo attachment 

To Unknown: Where did you get that?! 

From Unknown: I have so many pictures of your beautiful face, baby, and your sexy body. I know everything about you, I'm always watching. 

To Unknown: You're creeping me out

From Unknown: It's getting late baby, finish your ramen and sleep, okay 😘

I feel my eyes widen and I turn my phone all the way off. I fling it to one side and I look around the apartment, feeling fright over come me. I rush to my room and I pick up a few things. I rush back out to the porch and I slip on my sneakers. I turn off the lights and I rush down the hall way until I get to another apartment. 

"What are you doing here at this hour?" Taehyung asked as he pushed the door open. 

"I need to stay here, Taehyung, someone's stalking me."

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