Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.


2. To love is to hurt

Louis was still lost in a daze about how mysterious he found Izzy. He'd seen plenty of beautiful woman in his time but the slightly dirty face, windswept hair and the wall that she'd put up as soon as they made contact only made him want to break it down and find out about the real person underneath.
"Izzy seemed nice," Liam said breaking the comfortable silence in the small van.
"Yeah. There was some sort of guard up though. I wonder what’s made her so cautious," Niall said voicing everyone's thoughts about her.
"We're here, does someone want to call her?" Harry asks parking halfway in halfway out a big puddle and pulling the hand break up. Louis doesn't wait to be asked twice, his phone is in his hand and he’s calling her quicker than anyone has time to blink. After four rings, it goes through to voicemail.
"It looks like we're going to have to search for her boy," Louis says opening the door and climbing out closely followed by the rest of the band. In the corner by a muck heap is a blonde-haired girl wearing a light blue polo shirt, dark jodhpurs and boots caked in mud, she was bent over shovelling straw out of a wheelbarrow filled to bursting point. She glances up blows a stray hair out of her eyes and shouts "Hi, are you looking for anyone in particular?" with a faint cockney accent, she glances at Niall making a faint blush creep onto her cheeks.
"We are actually, do you know where Izzy is?"
"Sure, I believe she is riding in the outdoor school. Down that path to the end and it'll be in front of you." She points down a cemented path that goes along the outside of some buildings. The boys shout some thanks and head off in the vague direction that the girl gave them.
Soon enough they reach the end of the track and the only way to go is through some big barn style doors that were pulled all the way open, inside there is a small block of cement with a drain in a corner, before a gate that leads into a huge arena, leading off the standing area is some seating to the left of the group and stacks of jumps on the right. In the middle of the arena is a giant of a horse ridden by Izzy. The legs cross back and forth down the centre line until they finally come to a stop with no movement by the rider. They pause and then walk on. She looks up into the wall length mirrors and spots their arrival she rides over to where the four of them are seated.
“Hey, sorry if you’ve been waiting long. Did you get here alright?” She asks slightly breathless.
“Yes, after we typed the right postcode into the sat-nav," Harry goes a slight red colour at that statement "are we interrupting anything?” Liam asks.
"No, I was just about to finish. let me cool down and then you can come with."  She turns the horse around and walks around a few times while the horse stretches his neck out and down. After five minutes she beckons for them to follow, they all vault over the side and remain a safe distance behind the tall beast.
“You looked amazing doing that crisscrossing thing,” Louis says after finally finding the courage to speak about something he knows nothing about.
“Thanks, but the last leg yielding section was awful.” She says sounding very frustrated. They walk back outside, this time through a different door that leads to the other side of the buildings they walked past earlier. Stables and doorways lead out the square, wheelbarrows, boxes of brushes and busy people litter the place.
“Wow this is huge” Niall says stepping around a wheelbarrow that’s been parked in the middle of nowhere.
“Thanks, half these horses belong to my clients or my business partners.” She hops down off the horse, her head comes up a few inches below its back suddenly looking very out of proportion compared to the four-legged creature. The horse is led into a stable and she shuts the door, they lean over the door watching her un-tack and finish sorting bits out.
Twenty minutes later they are sitting around her kitchen table drinking coffee. Izzy is still nowhere near finished for the day but for the sake of her mother's wishes she will put up with them for half an hour. She also feels allot more comfortable surrounded by the organised chaos of the yard.
“So, what do you do with all the horses that you have here?” Louis asks.
“I compete with the ones that I or my coach owns and we are planning to go to the Olympics next summer and then start doing some more coaching for the riders who have horses stabled here. I think I've decided to go with you to Spain before all the Christmas competition preparation starts,” she says getting up to wash out her mug. Louis grins knowing that already this photo shoot would be better than the last few.
“That will be great. We should be going now, let you get back to work,” Harry says smiling, she nods and gives them all a very awkward handshake.
“How about we take you out tomorrow night then, as we’ve invaded your privacy today?” Liam suggests.
“Um sure, I can’t stay long though” she quickly adds, walking the boys to the door.
“It's settled, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven,” Louis says quickly kissing her check before she can duck out the way. Her cheeks go bright red and she shuts the door before she can get tied into anything else involving those four meddling boys. Izzy slides down the door putting her head in her hands.
"To love is to hurt Izzy, remember. To love is to hurt." She whispers to herself walking back into the kitchen in a slight daze.


There won't be many authors notes but I need names for three horses and a dog so comment any suggestions down below. I'll pick the ones I like the most.

Thank you, Izzy xx

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