Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.


5. More than just a magazine

Izzy wakes up the alarm clock ringing in her ears signalling work starts in half an hour, a muscular arm is slung over her waist. She sits up in shock flinching away from the body in bed. Looking down her eyes widen when she recognises the familiar mop of jet black hair lying on her pillow. She slowly crawls out the bed making sure not to wake the monster in bed. All she can hope is that he soon leaves.

After being out with the horses for around three hours, the sun is finally poking over the top of the big barn flooding the yard with its rays. "Izzy!" Someone shouts, she freezes recognising the deep voice. After shoving the pitchfork back into the pile of straw, she leans out the stable.

"I'm in here," he turns smirking and strides across the concrete. A different shirt from yesterday is now covering his torso and he has a bag hanging across his shoulder.

"Hello, darling. I'm afraid to say I've got to go. Have people to see and all that."

"Why Charlie? After all this time are you still harassing me?" She asks her voice cracking slightly. He smirks shaking his head and forcefully grabbing her chin.

"My darling, you seem to have forgotten all those promises I gave you. I will have you whenever I want. However, I won't see you for a few months because I'm going away. When I get back expect me to be here all the time Angel." He leans down kissing her lips before releasing his hold and walking off. "Take care sweetheart" he shouts climbing into his shining BMW and driving off gravel flying everywhere.

Her waterworks threaten to burst as she lets out a big breath trying to calm her beating heart, scars start ripping open as his words whirl around her head making her feel dizzy with shock. "Izzy! Anyone in there?" Ella the head groom and Izzy's best friend shouts Izzy snaps back into focus shaking her head, water gathering in her eyes. "Aw honey, come on let's go chat,"  she places a hand on Izzy's lower back and guides her into the office area.

An hour later, a lot of tears had been shed caffeine drunk and a weight had been lifted off Izzy's shoulder she was finally ready to face the world again. "Thank you, Ella, you're a lifesaver," Izzy says hugging her tightly.

"Well, it's good to know I didn't do that lifeguarding qualification for nothing. How about we do something tonight. Go really wild get your mind off the devil." Izzy smirks at his nickname and then sighs.

"I don't know I was thinking about staying in and now I'm behind with work anyway,"

"Oh come on. Your twenty-three all you do is work, plus when was the last time you went clubbing? University?" She asks. Shoving a pitchfork into Izzy's small hand. "What you waiting for woman?"


Izzy was standing on the corner of the street outside the agreed club tapping her foot impatiently, waiting. She should have known to come later than the agreed time, Ella runs on an even later schedule than her. The cold breeze was not doing anything for her already slightly frizzy hair. The queue to get in was growing by the second, it was going to be one long evening.

"Sorry, I'm late. Gosh, it is bloody freezing out here," Ella says finally appearing, she shivers wrapping her arms around herself.

"Yeah. I realised that in the thirty minutes I've been waiting here," Izzy says shooting her friend a glare who smiles apologetically back. They start walking to the end of the queue together, it now stretched down the road. After standing in the queue not really moving for ten minutes Ella decided she has had enough.

"Ugh, I'm going to see if they'll let us in. I'm not standing here any longer" she mumbles crouching to go under the rope. Izzy mumbles along the lines of her friend being an 'impatient idiot' and then follows tottering in her heels. By the time she gets to the front where a big bouncer stands Ella is already into a big rant about how 'bloody cold England is' and 'why we should be let in'.

"El, just drop it. We'll go somewhere else." Izzy suggests after the bouncer threatens to ban the two from coming again. Ella glares at her before launching into another point. Izzy rolls her eyes and studies the graffiti on the building wall.

"Izzy is that you?" Someone asks from behind her, she instantly freezes turning to see Louis, behind him, stands Niall who flashes a smile.

"Yep it's me," She says smiling and awkwardly tugging on Ella's sleeve, she's in the middle of a standoff with the bouncer.

"Hey, it's alright Barry. They are with us," Louis says, Barry, the bouncer nods unclipping the rope letting the party of four through but not before Ella gives him another icy glare.


"They look like there having fun. Can't say the same for you though," Louis says sliding into the booth next to Izzy with two drinks. Ella is completely drunk and is in the middle of the floor grinding on Niall's jean clad crotch.

"Yeah, what's betting she won't remember any of it in the morning, and no I don't really do clubbing too much sweat for me," Izzy says grabbing the glass and taking the shot before spitting it out. "Jesus, how much vodka is in that?"

"Don't know, I ordered their strongest," Louis says shrugging and taking a gulp of his. He screws his eyes shut forcing the burning liquid down his throat. "I see what you mean. How about we leave, there is a great all night pizza place down the road, it does good beer?"

"That sounds a lot better than this," Ella has just started palming her 'dance partner' through his jeans. "I don't think they'll miss us," Louis smirks at the two while taking Izzy's hand making sure they don't get separated while forcing their way out of the club. They finally get out and back into the fresh air. Barry is now sat on a chair without queues of people behind him, he nods at Louis before returning his gaze to the paper on his lap.

Stomachs filled with greasy food and beer, the couple walk down the street guided by the fluorescent street light, a few cars go past but apart from their footsteps the street is silent, until a bright flash and the click of a camera goes off. Louis swears colourfully, putting a protective arm around Izzy until they reach the car.

"Louis? Will that be in a magazine tomorrow?" She asks buckling her seat belt up, thinking of Charlie's threat from earlier that day.

"It will be in more than just one magazine love,"

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