Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.


4. Did you miss me angel?

Izzy walks up to her door just after saying goodnight to Louis. She rummages around in her bag trying to locate her house keys. She finds the large bundle of keys and slides the right one into the door but as she does the door swings open indicating that it wasn't locked. Izzy walked in cautiously expecting someone to jump out with a big knife at any moment. The lights in the sitting room were on, she frowns not recalling turning them on before she left. She walks into the lit room seeing a broad-shouldered man looking out the window watching Louis drive off. She shudders, she would have preferred a man with a big knife.

“Charlie?” Izzy questions after finding the courage to make her presence known, she doesn't step any further in though.

“Did you miss me, angel?”

“I thought you said you’d leave me alone,” Izzy stutters not moving from her position, Charlie smirks knowing he has the upper hand like usual. He starts advancing Izzy stumbles backwards into the hallway.

“I believe I said I’d give you two months. That was in March its now May darling,” Izzy shakes her head not believing his words. She glances at the calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen and sure enough, it's  now May.

“No,” She whispers. “Get out my house Charlie.” She says trying to make her self look intimidating.

“Come on don’t pretend you haven’t missed me come, give me a hug,” Charlie says forcefully opening his arms, not really giving her an option. She slowly walks over, her head down until she’s a step away, where he embraces her body resting his chin on her head. Izzy doesn’t make any attempt at returning the gesture, he kisses her hair pushing her out so she’s an arm’s length away but he still has a tight grip on her shoulders. “Now tell me, who is that man that just dropped you off?”

“No one, just a friend,” He glares at her squeezing her shoulders making sure bruises will be there tomorrow. “Louis, we went out with some of his friends this evening. He's just a friend I promise,” She says quickly, he smiles and loosens his grip so she can slip out the way of his touch.

“I don’t want you going out anymore without telling me who they are. Do you understand me?” He asks looking down into her warm blue eyes.

“No!” She shouts ripping herself away from his grip. “I’m not yours anymore, now get out my house otherwise I’ll call the police”

“What, using this phone?” He asks producing her phone and dangling it between thumb and forefinger. Izzy’s eyes widen, she jumps up and down trying to grab it from his taunting grip. He eventually gets fed up and places his other hand on her shoulder stopping the jumping movements. “Now, do you understand me, darling?” He asks again placing a finger under her chin forcing her to look into his eyes and putting her phone in his back jean pocket.

“Yes,” She says looking at the floor.

“Now I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me staying the night, would you?” She shakes her head giving into his demands. He smiles brushing past her and up the stairs. She stands in the same position that he left her in letting a single tear run down her cheeks “Come on angel, the beds empty without you,” he shouts from the top of the stairs, she wipes her cheek with the back of her and and walks up the steep staircase to join the monster that’s waiting for her upstairs.


“So, how’d it go?” Harry immediately asks as soon as Louis enters the room.

“Good, were going to go out again sometime soon, I think,” Louis answers struggling to take his jeans off.

“Ay Tomlinson is finally back at it,” Harry winks, Louis rolls his eyes throwing his dirty boxers at the curly headed boy.

“It’s not a game Harry. I’m really going to try with her.”

“That’s good to hear. I was starting to wonder if all your morals had disappeared. You do realise you’ll have to tell her about Brianna at some point?” Harry asks suddenly turning the conversation serious.

“I know I know. Just not right now. I just hope whatever happened in her past stays in the past, because I have a feeling it was a boy that’s ruined her trust.” Louis says climbing into his bed.

“I think you may have the right idea there mate”

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