Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.


6. A picnic or something

After an explosive morning, Izzy was completely ready for the day to end. Ella still hadn’t turned up for work, it wasn’t surprising considering her actions last night. Izzy was in the middle of teaching a lesson to a client, she was getting more agitated by the second. “Heels down, wiggle your fingers get him rounder,” she shouts taking a sip of her now cold tea. She watches the girl mess up another flying change. “Sit down more, lean back,” she receives a frustrated cry from her pupil.

“Stressful morning?” Someone asks, Izzy jumps turning to see Louis sat in the chair next to her. She groans before turning her attention back to the horse and rider.

“Any reason you’re here Tomlinson? That’s it, well done,” she shouts as the horse now does a half pass down the centre.

“I was wondering when your lunch break is,” Louis asks leaning forward putting his chin on his hands.

“When this lesson is done. Cool him down now. Good work today,”

“K, I know you can’t leave the yard right now but I thought maybe we could have a picnic or something, I’ve brought food.”

“Sure, I’ll meet you by your car,” Izzy smiles and walks out the school towards the stable block with her client leading the horse behind her. Ten minutes later, Izzy is standing in the car park by Louis’ BMW waiting for him. She scans the area spotting him leaning over a stable door. She rolls her eyes thinking he’s chatting up a stable hand. She walks over, realising he’s not talking to anyone, instead he’s stroking the miniature Shetland on the other side of the door. “She's so cute” Izzy smiles at the adorable scene. Louis looks up looking guilty, he smirks.

“Not as cute as you,” Izzy rolls her eyes at the cheesy pickup line. She grabs the head collar that’s hanging on the side of the door sliding it over the tiny horses head. “What are you doing?” Louis asks opening the door so it can be lead out.

“Bringing her to our picnic, you can carry the basket,” Izzy leads the horse while Louis carries a bulging bag towards a field. When they get to the gate a big black gelding in standing on the other side, Louis recognises the horse as the one Izzy was riding the other day. It whinnies at the little pony stretching its neck over the gate to nuzzle it. “This is Bobby my horse and his best friend Molly,” she says pointing at the little one they walk into the field making sure to shut the door behind them. “Molly goes wherever Bobby goes,” Izzy says releasing her and watches the two gallop off to graze. Louis smiles at Izzy who is busy ogling over her horses. He grabs her hand and they walk towards the middle of the field.

“They are adorable,” he says laying out the blanket, Izzy immediately plonks down lying back letting the sun hit her skin. Louis starts bringing sandwiches and salad out of the hamper. “Won’t they try to steal the food?” eyeing up the ponies.

“No, your cooking can’t be that good,” Izzy laughs taking a tomato. “Very funny, sandwich my love?” Louis asks holding out a container, Izzy thanks him taking one. The pair spends Izzy’s lunch break stealing each other’s food and throwing light insults around. By the time they should head inside Izzy’s sides are splitting with laughter. Louis smiles down at the lightly tanned girl, the sun bouncing off her skin creating a slight glow. Slowly he leans down moving a strand of hair out her eyes. “You're beautiful,” he whispers trailing his hand down her cheek, she blushes smiling up at him. Slowly she leans up and stops a tiny distance away from his mouth. Louis gets impatient and closes the gap making mouth connect with mouth.

They break away Izzy gasping slightly at their actions. There's a silence while both stare at each other taking everything in. “I should um probably get back to work,” she says trying to sit up, Louis moves his arm.

“Oh yeah sorry,” he awkwardly scratches the back of his neck helping to pack the stuff away. Once done he helps her up keeping a tight hold on her hand. Once they reach the car and everything is stowed away in the back he lets go only to grab her hips. “I’m leaving tomorrow to finish this stretch of the tour but I’ll see you in a month,” Louis says, he catches a glint of sadness flash across Izzy’s eyes but it is gone before it can take hold.

“Yeah, thanks for lunch, it was nice,”

“Only nice, god what am I going to have to do next time, bring in another pony?” Louis chuckles causing a smile. Louis leans down giving her a peck before climbing into his car. He waves and then drives off leaving Izzy fiddling with her lip wondering where all her guards to protect herself have gone.

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