Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.


3. A night well spent

Louis and Harry's rooms when they're staying in a hotel are never neat but right now it looked like a bomb filled with expensive clothing had gone off.

Louis is sat, tapping his feet frantically, he's been doing it for ten minutes and his temporary roommate has had just about enough. "Oi Tomlinson, sit still you're doing my head in" Harry shouts from the bathroom where he is struggling to do his buttons. Louis sighs and collapses back onto the bed, a pair of jeans slides off adding to the heap on the floor. "Come on, spill the beans," Harry sits down next to Louis looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you think she'll like me?" Louis finally spits out, Harry sighs and lies back resting on his elbows staring at the whitewashed hotel ceiling the only clean part of the hotel room.

"Wearing boxers, no, definitely not," He says pointing out Louis outfit.

"At least I'm not wearing my grandma's curtains," he says looking at Harry's pink suit a few flowers cover the fabric.

"Remind me to compliment her interior decor the next time I see her then, we clearly have very similar tastes," this gets Harry a pair of socks to the face. "Look, Lou," Harry says getting up and searching through the heap of clothes trying to figure out which ones are clean. "First you've got to get her friendship before you try anything. Try some of that Tommo charm. She's clearly had some sort of bad experience in the past which is why she's so closed off. Don't just jump straight in there yeah?"

"Gosh Harry, you actually have wisdom in that head, I thought it was just filled with bad jokes and dreadful fashion choices," Louis says smirking and running into the bathroom before Harry can tackle him.

"Guys we've got to go" Liam shouts knocking on their door, Harry opens it.

"Thank god, someone to finally save me from Louis' abuse," Harry says leaning against the doorframe, watching Louis hop around with one shoe on trying to find his deodorant that Harry had seen earlier.

"Under the pillow mate,"


Meanwhile, Izzy was still pacing up and down her bedroom floor trying to convince herself that this evening will be fun. She was dressed in jeans and a very floaty top, the only designer clothes she owned. Just as she had decided to cancel the whole evening the doorbell rang. She groans pulling the charger out of her phone stuffing the device in a bag containing essentials and hurries down the stairs to the front door where Louis is still ringing the bell.

"I'm coming," she shouts slipping on her shoes grabbing a jacket and stumbling out the door. "Hi," she smiles shyly tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"Hi" Louis smirks offering his hand to help her down the steps to the car. She takes it not trusting her balance in the heels only pair of heels she owns.

A few hours later the group had left the restaurant splitting to make it easier to get back and harder for the press to find the whereabouts of Izzy's house, so far no pictures had been snapped but you can never be too careful. Izzy ended up getting a lift from Louis, as they pulled up in front of her house gravel flying everywhere due to Louis' driving. They finally decided to break the very awkward silence.

"Thank you," Izzy said, opening her door as soon as the car stopped, she got out turning around to look at Louis' slightly crestfallen face.

"No problem, anytime. See you soon I guess?" It sounded more like a question rather than a statement though.

"Sure," the two stay there for a minute awkwardly shuffling feet and looking anywhere but at each other. "I had a really great time, best date I've had in a long time."

"Oh, so you're considering this a date then?" Louis smirks, Izzy grins switching her weight to the other foot.

"I guess," a blush creeps onto her face the light from the car light is just enough for Louis to see. "If your ever around call me, my mum thinks I need to talk to more people, horses just don't do it they just never respond back."

"I'd like that. Have a good sleep babe" Louis says leaning over the passenger seat to grab hold of the door handle. Izzy smiles, thanking him again before turning into the night. Louis slams the door and collapses against his seat sighing in content. A night well spent.

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