sick love

im sarah the wierd vlog kid at my collage me and my twin jake studie the same thing and share everything ive been in love with lots of boys but they all break my heart but what happens when i fall in love with louis tomlinson


4. win or lose

it makes a few months me and louis are together and me and jerry are best friends i was getting ready with the boys for out tournement i was happy lou and the boys could come watch ''you ready to do this jerry''  ''yep you'' ''i was born ready'' we all gatherd around the coach outside ''ok so today is the big day we got 5 games in this tournemeant just know that if we lose atleast we know we worked hard and the point is to have run sarah'' i put my hand in the middle followed my jerry the coach and the rest we did the team call and got into positions  ''HUT'' jerry yelled i smashed into the guy got the ball and ran i looked at the score board and we got points we played the last half i looked at the board it was a tie i looked at home and we got a few points we all yelled me and jerry jumped and gave eachother a higth five ''it's out first time winning in a year '' i smiled as i took off my helmet we played 2 the morning ''LUNCH TIME'' i yelled we all got food and ate like pigs ''this morning was the best ever we never win were lucky you joined '' jack said we all talked while eating and just had a laugh ''guys in the bus next stop montreal '' we all ran into our bus and the others in another bus  i talked with the boys the hole bus ride it was loud we started playing truth or dare '' sarah truth or dare'' bart said ''dare'' ''i dare you to jump over the benches to the front and come back jumping over the benches ''  'dare accepted'' we were all in the back i started jumping over the benches until i jumped in front i jumped back ''ok jerry truth or dare'' ''dare'' 'i dare you to kiss a boy'' i had an evil smile he kissdd a ramdom boy then spat on the floor '' SOAP'' they both yelled i took some hand cleaning thing in my bag and pressed it in they mouths ''THAT'S WORST'' jerry yelled i shoved water in his face ''yea thanks alot'' i laughed the hole trip ''where here'' the driver said ''we all ran out and put our stuff on ''ready boys'' i said at the door ''yep'' they all replied the coach told us to run we run and riped a thing whrited the team name on it me and jerry where leading we got in position and played 3 games in a row 


we looked at the score bord ''the bloodhounds win!!!!'' the guy said over the speakers we all jumped and high fived each other i ran to jerry we both jumped and did a high five ''we made it whith out you we would of lost ''  i smiled as we lined up in order jerry was 19 i was 20 they gave us the medals and the trophy  we all took a group picture then ran into the bus we all shouted in victory we got back at around 12:36 we went to our dorms and i met jake and lou ''good job '' they said as i enterd ''we won for the first time ever'' i took my stuff off and texted jerry

''hey jerry good game ''-sa

''im happy you joined if not we would of lost and we would'nt  be friends''-jerry

''well see ya tomorrow jerry''-sa

''see ya '' -jerry 

i turned my ipod off and went to sleep this was the best day ever

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