sick love

im sarah the wierd vlog kid at my collage me and my twin jake studie the same thing and share everything ive been in love with lots of boys but they all break my heart but what happens when i fall in love with louis tomlinson


3. let me

------louis pov-----

seeing sarah angry din't make me fell good i loved her i just wanted to hold her i want her to be mine ''guys maybe we should let her play '' i said walking infront of them ''no but she can't she's gonna get killed '' zayn shouted ''and we have to stop treating her like a baby if she wants to play we should let her ''  i walked away looking at the ground was she gonna be mad at me or not i walked into the room and sat on my bed i hated seeing her like this i looked at the field and saw everybody practice and the boys talking 

------sarah's pov-------

i stared at the floor angry if i could i would of threw something i needed to forget that ill never be able to play football  louis walked in and looked out the window -elevator .. elevator why'd you bring me down elevator elevator your the meaniest ride it town elevator elevator elevator -sang in my head louis came and sat next to me i looked up and smiled we leaned in and kissed we heard a knock and pulled away fast ''come in'' i said ''hey sarah im sorry for saying you can't play football i know i was kinda treating you like a baby so me and the boys decided go and play with the others'' liam said smiling i jumped up and hugged him i ran outside and got the equipment on the boys greeted me even jack i still played as defense and i loved it ''HUT''  i ran into the guy infront me and caugth the ball i threw it back at a guy named jerry we played a few games ''hey you where pretty good '' a guy came i shaked his hand ''im jerry backer '' i smiled ''im sarah jackson ''  ''wanna be friends'' he said i smiled ''hell yea'' we laughed and talked abit he was a good guy i said bye before going back to the dorm i put my football bag under my bed and went to sleep

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