sick love

im sarah the wierd vlog kid at my collage me and my twin jake studie the same thing and share everything ive been in love with lots of boys but they all break my heart but what happens when i fall in love with louis tomlinson


5. last day

i woke up got dressed and took my ipod out

''jerry you awake''-sa


''todays the last day ''-sa 

''i know!!!!!!!''-jerry 

''get to the field ill meet you there ''-sa


i shoved my ipod in my pocket and ran to the field i ran to jerry and threw him the ball we started throwing the ball to each other and talking '' i promise im gonna go to the games bud'' ''promise''  ''promise plus we could still play games with the boys some times and hang out ''  ''that would be great '' i threw the ball back ''we better get going '' i said he threw me back the ball and walked where everyone was leaving i din't want to leave i wanted to stay with my buddy i hugged jerry ''im gonna miss you ''' i said crying ''me too'' i pulled away and smiled ''don't give up on your dreams '' he smiled back and  went to his car i went into the car with jake ''jake im gonna miss jerry alot and the boys '' i put my head on the window ''atualy you won't need to i got a ginourmus land with a barn and a mansion the boys are gonna live with us and jerry can too if you want '' i smiled and texted jerry

''hey jerry good news''-sa

''what is it''-jerry 

''ill skype you one min''-sa 

i skyped him ''jerry guess what''  ''what''  ''jake got a land with a barn a mansion everything we have baisycaly 1000 miles just for us and he said you could live with us '' i said exited ''im in '' he yelled i smiled ok ill text you the adress and you can go there''  ''k bye''  ''bye'' i hung up and texted him the adress

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