sick love

im sarah the wierd vlog kid at my collage me and my twin jake studie the same thing and share everything ive been in love with lots of boys but they all break my heart but what happens when i fall in love with louis tomlinson


2. football figth

it makes a year im here louis and the boys became my best friends at campus jake still living the life of a vloger everything is great


i got out of bed and changed i walked over to louis bed ''WAKE UP'' i yelled he jumped up i smiled and went over to jake ''JAKE YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE'' i yelled trying to sound paniced he jumped up too tuching his hair i walked to the door like every morning ''come on let's wake up the boys '' we all went to harry and zayn's dorm we both walked over to a bed ''WAS HAPENING'' i yelled at zayn ''i don't wanna get up '' he moaned ''you are'' i grabbed his arm and pulled him out i kicked him ''im up '' i laughed as louis was jumping on harry's bed we all walked to liam and niall's dorm ''NIALL ALL THE FOOD IS GONE'' i yelled at him he jumped up ''the foods gone'' he said worried ''nope'' i smiled and joined louis with liam ''let's prank liam '' louis said smiling i noded and we went to get stuff we made a mean contraption so when he gets up toothpaste shampoo and toilet water will fall on him we slowly walked away and heard a splash we left to our classes i studied animal stuff like being a big and small animal vet i was exited to finaly be able to save animals jake was into cars and stuff and the other boys into music the day ended and i went to the dorm i was alone while jake was doing crazy stuff and the boys where hangning out i sat on my bed thinking about what i should do i texted jake to know what he's doing

''hey jakie whatcha doing ''-sa

''im playing around with chance and anthony ''-jakie

''cool like what type of playing around''-sa

''where exploding stuff far away from campus''-jakie

''cool tell chance and anthony i say hi''-sa

''they say hi to well gtg bye ''-jakie 

''bye jakie 😘"-sa

i turned off my phone and went outside man it was beautiful i saw peapole playing football (canada football) i walked up to the field ''hey boys can i join'' i said putting my phone down ''ok but get ready to get your ass betten little girl '' i gave him a your gonna regret it glare he handed me the equipment i put it on ''you play defense missy'' i noded and ran to the place and got in possition ''hut'' the guy yelled i smashed into another defence guy he would always win i got him on the floor crying i ran and got the ball ''ha see that suckers'' i took my helmet off they looked at me impressed ''a girl never made jack crie'' a guy said helping the one i smashed into up he was the biggest and meanest ''well tell ya parents you got owner by a girl '' we played a few games after that i kinda got in a figth with jack i punched him in the face out of anger he was calling me a bitch asshole douchebag so i punched him i kwpt punching him until he started ''hey stop it you two '' hazza louis zayn liam and niall said at the same time they pushed me away i gave jack  a death glare ''what the heck was that '' liam shouted ''he started ''  ''no but you can't just punch random peapole like that ''  ''well your not the boss'' i yelled back ''and i can make you not play football if you don't stop figthing '' zayn said walking next to liam ''you can't im not a baby anymore i can do what i want with my life '' i turned around and walked off catching the ball and throwing it back i ran to my dorm and saw jake i din't want to talk anymore 


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