sick love

im sarah the wierd vlog kid at my collage me and my twin jake studie the same thing and share everything ive been in love with lots of boys but they all break my heart but what happens when i fall in love with louis tomlinson


1. begening

i packed up all my stuff i tried to hold my tears ''jake ready'' i said picking up my vlog camera i turned it on ''hey dare heads so today im going to collage with jake i really want to be with my brother '' i went downstairs to see my parents standing at the door ''im gonna miss you '' i said hugging them both ''me to'' they said me and jake walked out ''so dare heads we are on our way you drive jake im vloging'' i handed the keys to jake and vlogged everything we got there i put the camera in my bag i looked at jake and we walked in i walked to my door it was a collage that instead of two beds in a door it's a dorm for 3 me and jake were in the same door we walked in ''hey you must be my new dorm mates'' a cute brown hair boy walked up to us i love his blue eyes he was so cute ''omg your louis tomlinson'' i trying not to fangirl we introduced areselfs ''CARROTS'' louis shouted ''PATATOES''' i shouted we all started laughing we had no controle ''wanna see my mates'' louis said walking to the door ''sure'' i said walking out the room jake stayed to make a vlog he brang me in a dorm i saw harry and zayn ''boys this is one of my new dorm mates''  louis said the boys just looked at me ''were gonna get going'' louis said closing the door ''they can be pretty wierd'' louis said walking to another dorm he opend it i saw liam and niall ''hey lou new dorm mate'' liam said he seemed less wierd then harry and zayn ''yes boys this is sarah her brother jake is my new dorm mate too'' liam got up and shook my hand ''nice too meet you liam'' i said ''you too'' he seemed at least half decent ''we should go'' louis said walking away i said bye to them and followed louis ''atleast liam seems nicer than zayn and harry '' i said joining lou ''he's papa payne hes the most mature one'' i looked up ''i know ive been a directioner my whole life'' i said looking back down ''who's your favorite '' louis said opening the dorm door ''you '' he smiled i loved when he smiled ''seems like jake left he maybe went to see logan our older brother he come here we all love to vlog '' i said sitting on my bed ''cool'' 

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