holding me back

my abusive father was always holding me back from the world even my best friends one direcrion and my own dog silver he never lets me see my best friends will i be able to find them and reunite with silver


2. .....

i cried on my bed remembering silver and if he's suffering i wanted my dog i needed my dog i got up and tried to open the door but it was locked i banged harder and harder ''LET ME OUT'' i yelled i heard footsteps and backed away from the door ''what did i say about banging on the boor missy '' he said walking towards me he punched me in the eye ''next time it's gonna be worse'' he said locking the door thats it i had enough i packed up my bags i put everything in only not the pictures of my dad i hated him  my mom died jake left jake was the only one who would save me he never left my dad hurt me he was my hero i loved him i took a picture of silver i holded back my tears and shoved it in my bad i took a harness a leash a water bottle and the dog treats i was gonna find silver even i it takes days or weeks  im not giving up on my dog i took a hammer out of my closet and smashed the window i heard footsteps coming to my room i looked back and saw my dad walking to me  i jumped out and started running for my life i could hear him come after me my heart was pounding i got far enough i texted harry 

''hey hazza i got away from my 'dad' '' -s

seconds later i got a reply

''ok meet me at the house''-h

i put my phone in my pocket and ran to the house i was finaly free i ran to the house and barged in the boys looked at me i forgot i had a black eye ''hey boys'' i said louis ran and hugged me he was my bro we were so close the rest came and hugged me i haven't seen the since secondary 1 i missed them ''why do you have silver's stuff '' hazza asked ''i need to find silver he's my dog and i can't leave him suffer '' i said walking to my room and putting my bag down ''when are you gonna find him'' they all said at the door ''now'' i said turning to face them i pushed trougth them with the leash harness treats and water ''it's gonna take days tho'' louis said walking in back of me ''i don't care i need to find silver lou'' i put my running shoes on and my cap i walked out and ran i ran infront of a house i heard barking i turned around and saw silver he was in the mud he was so skinny ''silver bud it's ok it's me sarah '' i took off his collor and slipped his harness on i gave him a treat it made 3 hours i was looking for him i gave him some water and then i leashed him i walked for 6 hours cuz i stopped at a place to get him food i finaly got home and the boys aleready got bowls and put water in one of them i unleashed silver and he ran for the water i put his food in the other bowl and left to my room

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