If I Fall

Dot is a writer. A secret writer who went by the name of Miss Terry Righter. She's quite successful too! She had just finished her third book to her book series when she got forced into a meet and greet with the writer of the Maze Runner book series, and the cast. From that moment on she wasn't sure if she could, or wanted, to keep her writing identity a secret. Will love be in store as well?
Originally written and completed in 2015-- Ending rewritten May 2017

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I posted this on Wattpad and it was a hit there. This is a Thomas Sangster fanfic and some parts have the Maze Runner cast in it. Even though I have all the chapters written out in completion I would appreciate comments and such just so I can rewrite if I need to.


10. You Tell Me

Thomas had been driving for a few hours before he found the street the guy mentioned. He walked up to the door and noticed the fact that there was no door. He stepped back and was surprised. It was the only house in the row that had been left completely alone for some number of years.

"Hello!?" He called. When no one answered he moved on to the neighbors.

"Yes?" A grumpy old man asked.

"Hello, have you seen anyone enter this house?" He gestured over his shoulder to the house on the left.

"No, and I don't know any Terry Righter either." The man closed the door. It suddenly occoured to Thomas plenty of people probably knock on these stranger's doors just because a crazed lunatic said she lived here. He devised a plan for when he asked the people in the next house over. He knocked.

"Yes, young man?" A sweet old lady asked. He sighed at the fact that it wasn't a grumpy old man.

"Hello, I am looking for this girl, she had long curly hair, and light brown eyes. Shes about yea high," He held his hand up to his shoulder, "And she is really quiet!" He said, "Have you seen her?" He asked.

"Well, Do you know her name?" She asked, "Maybe that coud help!" She said.

"Her name is Dot." He said, "I met her today and she left before I could talk to her properly." She smiled as if he had just asked the perfect question.

"Come on in, she's in her think tank." The lady smiled, "I would love to let you in there, but, being who Miss Blosser is, I don't think it would be best." She said softly, "My I ask your name so I can give it to her to see if you can go back to her?" The lady asked.

"My name is Thomas Sangster." She smiled.

"Well, I'm Elenor, and the man next door was named Frank. He's actally pretty nice when you get to know him!" She said. Thomas looked over and expected to see a wall, But instead he saw that the three houses weer connected, and the outside was just a facade. This was elaborately thought out.

"Elenor!" He heard her call, "I told you, no visitors today while you two settle in." Dot came down a small set of stairs leading to her room. She stopped, "What can I do for you?" She asked impatiently. Thomas noticed the rag in her hand and the paint on her hands and face. She was wearing different clothes than earlier, but she was still dressed nicely.

"I didn't get any information from you, and I was wondering if we could go out sometime." He asked smiling.

"Sorry," She said, "Much too busy right now. I can't really do much of anything right now." She said slowly walking towards him causing him to step backwards.

"Ok, then when are you free next?" He asked, "Cause I'd really like to see you."

"Then look now cause we wont be dating any time soon." She said pushing him a little farther and closing the door in his face.

"Come on! Can I at least get your number?" She heard him call. She sighed and turned to Elenor.

"I told you, no guests except Amber." She said, "I don't care for famous men to come up to my stoop, and ask for me. He could've been a spy for the media. Or he could leak out who I am. Don't let anyone except Amber in." She walked off but turned round quickly, "You can go ahead and finish settling in." She added. Suddenly the mail slot was openned, and a small chunk of wood was brought through with a phone number and a name on it.

(555) 012 3456

-Thomas S. Or Mr. Y. Octor

She pulled it out and put it down on the nearest table. She looked at it and sighed. He really wanted to date her. She really wanted to date him. But she also really didn't want the fame that surrounds him to folow her. She found herself bringing the peice of plywood around her house everywhere she went. She flopped down on her bed and sighed. It was no use. She picked up the wood and was about to punch in the numbers when her phone rang. Dot jumped and screamed a little.

"Hello?" She asked smoothly into the phone.

"Hey, Doll." It was Hal, "So, whatcha think about the whole show biz work?" He asked. She frowned.

"Hal, there was little to no actual show biz work. Why do you ask?" She heard him sigh.

"So, no one told you a thing about how things work?" He asked.

"No, Hal. Now, what's this about?" She asked. He stammered.

"Your book series is such a hit that we decided to create a film based on them." He said. She groaned.

"Hal, no. You know how I feel about this, I won't see my art vandalized." She said plainly.

"Look, Kid, You can't always get what you want. I mean, you would have a heavy hand in making them." He said. She sighed.

"Just know, I will not, I repeat, I will not compromise." She said, "And you better know that you better not be lying about my hand in creating this. Because whether I really do or not you can bet your pension on one thing. I will make a heavy hand for myself whether I'm given one or not." She said. She nearly heard him swallow hard.

"Sure thing doll, uh, gotta go, first day for meeting is Thursday of next week." He said. She hung up the phone and sighed.

This was gonna suck.

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