If I Fall

Dot is a writer. A secret writer who went by the name of Miss Terry Righter. She's quite successful too! She had just finished her third book to her book series when she got forced into a meet and greet with the writer of the Maze Runner book series, and the cast. From that moment on she wasn't sure if she could, or wanted, to keep her writing identity a secret. Will love be in store as well?
Originally written and completed in 2015-- Ending rewritten May 2017

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I posted this on Wattpad and it was a hit there. This is a Thomas Sangster fanfic and some parts have the Maze Runner cast in it. Even though I have all the chapters written out in completion I would appreciate comments and such just so I can rewrite if I need to.


1. Suprise....?

Amileen peeked around the corner, and what she saw surprised her. She didn't yet know whether it was a good kind of surprise, or bad.

The End

Dorothy, or Dot, Blosser had just finished the last paragraph in the third book of her current works, "Time is a Fantastic Thing" right as her alarm started to go off for the morning. A new text from her best friend, Amber, caused her phone to ring, and her to jump.

Where are you? I've been texting you all night!

Her eyes grew wide. All night?! She looked at her old style typewriter, and looked at the high stack of papers that was her book and realized two things.

1. She never put her pen name on it!

She quickly put the cover page back in the writer. She quickly added in "By Miss Terry Righter"

2. She must've stayed up all night to write her book.

Though the deadline wasn't til the next month, she suddenly had an idea, and that idea fueled her to continue throughout the night!

It wasn't the first time she'd stayed up all night writing, in fact, she spent most of her teenage years writing until two hours before she had to get up!

Now, being her series was a smash hit, she was able to work on, and off as she pleased, it's too bad that once she starts working she doesn't stop until it's done. She's able to be in the public eye, and earn money out of it, but being she doesn't go by her real name, she can be a regular person walking down the street.

She walked over to her phone, and answered the message with reassuring words to show she was alright, and she just took a long time to sleep, which wasn't the case at all!


Was the reply not but five seconds after she sent hers. Amber didn't know about the fact of who her friend was. The funny thing was that Amber herself was a huge fan of the series, but Dot never told her blabber mouth friend about the worlds biggest secret.

What made you sleep in? Don't you have work?

Dot sighed. There is never a day she doesn't wish she could tell her friend. But her friend always blabbed about everything! Now, Amber was getting better, but every once in a while she would bring something up.

Dot got up, and got dressed for work.

Since she was doing so well with her books, she donates all the money she makes to local charities anonymously. Once again, another thing Amber didn't know.

Amber was a girl struggling to be in the spotlight! She was trying, and trying to be a famous actress, but she had no clue how to slingshot herself onto the movie screen! It was one of those days she wished it wasn't a secret! She replied to her friends text rather quickly.

I think I might call out today

Ambers reply was fast, faster than Dot's!

WHAT?! No, the cast of the Maze Runner is gonna stop by today! Remember!!

Dot smacked her forehead. Now she remembered! She was gonna take Amber with her! She rolled her eyes, and sighed.

Right. I had completely forgotten!

She put her phone down and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the water for a shower when she received another text. This time it was on her work phone.

Hey, we need to talk.

It was her publisher. She sighed, and turned off the water.

"Guess I'm not takin a shower then." She sighed and turned off the water. She dialed the number, and soon her publisher answered the phone.

"Hey Hal." She said.

"How's my Mystery Writer?" He asked.

"Oh, she's fine! What did you need to talk to me about?" She asked walking into her room to get her work clothes out.

"Look, what you said about Harvey getting killed doesn't work with the readers! Harvey is the number one character outside of Amileen!" He said. She could almost hear his greasy smile through the phone.

"Sorry, Hal, I can't do that!" She said, "This book is to set up Harvey's death!" She said.

"Look,Doll, I know! I listened! The boss says it has to be with Harvey still alive!" He said, "Now change it for old Hal, huh?" He asked. She groaned.

"What happens if I don't?" She asked.

"He said you'd be found out!" She wanted to scream, "Or-" he started.

"Or what?!" She shouted. He sighed over the phone.

"If you'd let me speak I would tell you!" He said. She frowned.

"Sorry, continue." She said sheepishly.

"Now, if you don't want to do that you have to go to this thing." He said.

"Could you be a little more vague?" She asked.

"It's a film thing for the Maze Runner. It's like like a meet and greet as one writer to another." He said, "you'll be meeting James Dashner, and the cast of the film to prepare you for Hollywood." Dot stood there for a bit.

"Prepare me for what?" She asked.

"All the boss would tell me was it was to show you how the filming process works!" He said, attempting to sound innocent.

"What am I gonna say?! Hi, I'm that mystery writer no one knows is me?!" She asked. Hal sighed.

"Say things like, "my boss says", or "How do you know I'm really her?", confuse them! Use a weird accent! Make sure they aren't positive! Make them call you Terry! It'll be a piece of cake!" Dot sighed again, and agreed, "Great!" He said, "It's on Saturday, at 7 in the morning. You'll be there until about 4 in the afternoon. Dress comfy, dress warm, it'll be cold." She sighed.

"Deal." She sighed.

"Good." He sighed, and hung up the phone. Conversations between her and Hal never really went well. Usually with a compromise, and Dot regretting it. She decided to go ahead and get ready for work.

She set out her clothes, and got dressed for work. She ran out the door, and to her small blue Mini Cooper. Long day of work, and screaming fan girls ahead of her.



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