If I Fall

Dot is a writer. A secret writer who went by the name of Miss Terry Righter. She's quite successful too! She had just finished her third book to her book series when she got forced into a meet and greet with the writer of the Maze Runner book series, and the cast. From that moment on she wasn't sure if she could, or wanted, to keep her writing identity a secret. Will love be in store as well?
Originally written and completed in 2015-- Ending rewritten May 2017

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I posted this on Wattpad and it was a hit there. This is a Thomas Sangster fanfic and some parts have the Maze Runner cast in it. Even though I have all the chapters written out in completion I would appreciate comments and such just so I can rewrite if I need to.


6. Just A Dream

"What?" She was outraged. Amber stood up.

"What?" She was thrilled. Dot shot her a dark look, and stood up herself.

"Are you kidding me?" She asked, "I will never be ok with that!" She said she looked around. Hal was there suddenly.

"No, We're not kidding you." He said, somehow, flying onto the sound stage. That's when it got really weird. Kaya turned to her.

"Wicked is good." She whispered. Dot gasped, and sat down slowly.

"What's going on?" She asked. Her voice seemed to echo. Everyone began circling around her chanting random things, "HELP!" She cried. No one came to her aid. She screamed, and called out for help thousands of times, but nothing happened. Suddenly her voice didn't work. She tried calling for help. Nothing. She tried to scream. Nothing.

"DOT!" She heard Amber call, "DOT!" She heard it again. Everything started shaking, "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT" She head it over and over again. Each time it was getting longer than the last.

Suddenly Dot sat up.

"You okay?" Amber asked. She was in her room, "We'll be late! Get up!" She said. Dot jumped up.

"What time is it!?" She asked. She looked over at the clock.

"Don't worry, we've got about half an hour!" Amber said. Dot grabbed Amber's arms.

"Look, you know exactly what I do about my book series. I need you to stand in for Terry!" She said. Amber gasped, "Not to mention the books run together for me, and I might spill some beans! You know exactly where it stopped!" Amber put a hand to her heart as if she might faint.

"Yes." She said, "I will act as Terry Righter!" Dot sighed.

"It's not an acting job. You will answer the questions they have with "my employer says" then answer the question." She said. Amber smiled.

"Fine! I'll still do it!" She said.

"WAIT!" Dot said before she let Amber walk away, "Remember." She started, "Harvey, and Amileen do not, I repeat, do not end up together, so, not talk about how you ship them." Amber groaned.

"Fine." She said. Dot nodded, and walked into the bathroom to change her clothes. When she walked back out she saw, to her own shock, Amber picking the lock to the Think Tank. She ran up to Amber, and hit her hands causing her to drop her tools.

"Ow!" She said. Dot turned her toward the stairs, and poked her to make her move. Amber trudged down the stairs.

"Woah." Dot said, "Dejá Vu." Amber chuckled, and they walked out to the car. They once again pulled up to the lot, and got out of the car. This time there wasn't a security guard to ask for the transcript, nor was there a toll booth. They just pulled right in, and walked inside. Dot sighed.

"Ready?" She asked. Amber nodded, and they walked into the room. It was a conference room, that was much different There were chairs for everyone, plus a few for friends, she guessed. She sat down, and waited. At the time she, and Amber, were the only ones in the room.

"So," Amber started, "What do I answer for questions I don't know the answer to?" She asked. Dot pondered for a moment before she heard a sound from outside the room. She turned to look. She only saw a bit of black disappear behind the corner. Dot waited a minute before she started talking again.

"Answer with, 'That can't be revealed at the current moment', or 'My employer wouldn't be ok with that being shared' Just, anything that sounds professional! Don't make anything up!" She said. Suddenly there was a shuffling outside again.

"What was that?" Amber asked. Dot shrugged. They peeked out the door, and saw that just down the hall a few people were going about their business. They both went back into the room, and not even fifteen minutes later everyone came in. It was as if they all met up somewhere, and came in the same car. After all the actors settled in to their seats, and Mr. Dashner had began to relax, a camera crew showed up, and started setting up the cameras. Dot suddenly felt uneasy. Amber had quite a terrified look on her face.

"What is going on?" She spoke up. Dot looked around again. The camera men, two or three total, were each setting up their own camera.

"Oh, Well, we're taping this." One of them said. His name tag said Roger.

"Ok, but why?" She asked again. He shrugged.

"That's just what we were told to do!" Another one said. His tag said Fred, "The publisher of Miss Terry said to tape it, and to send the tape to him!" He said smiling. Amber nodded slowly.

"Well, I'm sure my....employer would be fine with that." she said. Dot sighed. She was glad Amber was following the plan.

"Employer?" One of the actors asked. It was the one named Dylan from her dream. One of the only American actors.

"Yes," Amber said, "Being that she hasn't ever been seen, or heard from, she wanted to keep that up. So, she hired me. I'm an actress, and I have a fantastic poker face." She was smiling as she said it.

"But, who are you?" One of the boys, the one she reconized as Thomas, asked.

"Well, I'm called Amber. You can call me that as well, if you like." She said. A few of the actors laughed including the only girl there. Someone cleared their throat.

"Why don't we start this with saying your name, and the role you play." A man said standing up. He had salt and pepper hair, and a rather large nose that was leaning to the left. His face, overall, looked like it had been smached with a board. The first person in the line of chairs stood up slowly.

"I'm Dylan O'Brian, and I play Thomas in the movie." He sat down. The next person stood. It was the girl.

"I'm Kaya Scandelario, and I play Teresa, Thomas' counterpart." She sat down. Next person was a different guy. After he stood, he paused.

"LINE!" He called. Everyone except, an extremely worried Dot, laughed. He smiled, and began speaking again, "I'm Will Poulter, and I play Gally." He said. He sat down, and waited for the next person to stand up. It was Thomas.

"I'm Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and I play Newt." He smiled, and sat back down. Thomas stared at Dot. It was as if he had some kind of recognition toward her. She knew he would figure it out eventually. The next person stood up.

"I am Ki-Hong Lee, I play Minho." He said, he sat down, and waited for the older looking gentleman to do the same as he did. He finally stood up, and straightened his shirt.

"I'm James Dashner, the writer of The Maze Runner series." He smiled, and sat down. Amber was next. She just sat there. Someone cleared their throat. She looked around, adn nodded.

"Sorry! I am Amber, a representitive of Miss Terry Righter." She sat down.

"Let's get this interview started." The man from before started.

"Wait." Thomas spoke up, "You know who we all are, but who are you?" He asked. The man sighed.

"My name is Mortimer Louden." He said. They all nodded, realizing who they were talking to. It was the one man. The one man who could make your words sound like the opposite, but still seem like your friend. He was the all-star journalist.

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