If I Fall

Dot is a writer. A secret writer who went by the name of Miss Terry Righter. She's quite successful too! She had just finished her third book to her book series when she got forced into a meet and greet with the writer of the Maze Runner book series, and the cast. From that moment on she wasn't sure if she could, or wanted, to keep her writing identity a secret. Will love be in store as well?
Originally written and completed in 2015-- Ending rewritten May 2017

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I posted this on Wattpad and it was a hit there. This is a Thomas Sangster fanfic and some parts have the Maze Runner cast in it. Even though I have all the chapters written out in completion I would appreciate comments and such just so I can rewrite if I need to.


5. Another Surprise???

"Amileen!" Harvey yelled as she hit the ground.

"He-" She clutched her abdomen, "You shot me." She said, her eyes wide with fear.

"No!" He said, "it was my-

Dot picked up the page, and ripped it up. This was a hopeless act. She thought she could try to fix the book, and not have to go today, but it was useless! She left her secret room, and walked down the stairs to her bedroom. She had no clue what she was gonna wear. Dress warm he had said. Warm. What warm clothes did she own? Suddenly her doorbell rang. She sighed, and walked to the door.

"You're not wearing that are you?" Amber greeted her as she opened the door.

"What? You don't like pj's?" Dot asked. Amber rolled her eyes, and pulled her into her room.

"Let's see what we've got to work with." She started digging in Dot's closet, "Ooh! I like this!" She said, and pulled out a dress, and a sweater about the same color of creme, and a pair of black tights, "Wear this!" She said. Dot groaned, and walked into the bathroom to change. When she came out she saw Amber trying to pick the lock to her "Think Tank" as she liked to call it. Dot ran up the stairs, and grabbed Amber's arm as soon as she got the door open. Dot cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" Amber asked innocently. Dot sighed, and closed the door. 

"Don't go into the Think Tank!" She said locking it back. Amber groaned, and stomped down the stairs. Dot followed close behind.

"Ready to go?" Amber asked suddenly perking up. Dot nodded slowly, and followed her out to the car. 

"Alright," Dot looked down at her phone, "We're going left." She read out the directions Hal sent her. Amber followed the directions, and they soon pulled up. Dot put on a big black hoodie as they pulled up to a security guard.

"Hi, we're here for the Mazer/Terry meet up?" Amber asked.

"Did you bring the trascripts like you were asked?" He asked. Amber looked over at Dot. Dot picked up a stack of paper, and handed it out the window. He flipped through the stack, and stopped.

"LET EM THROUGH!" He called to the security guard in the toll booth. He lifted the arm up, and waited for them to pass under it. They pulled into a parking space, and walked inside. Dot was still wearing the hoodie when they walked inside.

"Quick," Dot whispered to Amber, "Give me a fake accent to do!" She said. 

"British?" Amber asked. Dot hit her arm.

"I already am British!" She said, "Give me something else."

"Uh, Italian?" She said.

"I can't do an Italian accent!" Dot groaned. She sighed, "I'll do it." She cleared her throat.

"Who's that?" A male voice asked.

"It's better be Terry." A British voice said.

"Don't worry, they won't let just anyone in!" a very American voice said. The girls stepped onto the soundstage, and sighed. All the people she, very quickly reconized, as the customers from Edelweiss the day before. She gasped.

"Hey, you looked very familiar!" The one who mocked her accent just the day before said, "I'm Dylan." He shook her hand. 

"You can call me Terry." She said in a nearly perfect American accent. He seemed to be taken aback.

"Wait?" He said, "Do we have another yankee in our presence?" He asked the others. Dot nodded.

"Well, I agree, you do seem very familiar, where're you from? I'm Will by the way." Another shook her hand.

"Oh, I'm from Nevada." she said. She was clearly lying through her teeth, but they didn't seem to care.

"You guys do know she's probably lying." A British voice said. She recognized him as Thomas, the one smoking outside the restaurant, and beside him, Ryan, his friend.

"What makes you say that?" Dylan asked. Thomas stood up.

"She's a mystery writer." He said walking over to the crowd, "Her name is Miss Terry Righter." He said. No one picked up so he said it faster, "MissTerryRighter." He said. It came out as Mystery Writer. Will gasped.

"What?" He asked, "No," He said shaking his head. Dot grinned mischievously. 

"You're right." She said in a German accent, "But I've learned to hide my real identity." She had switched for a third time to Russian. Thomas smiled.

"Told ya." He said, "I bet she's the waitress we met yesterday at lunch!" He said, "The one we carried inside." He walked up to her, and put a hand on her head right where she hurt it. She gasped at the sudden pain.

"Ouch! You jerk!" She said. Her real accent blurted out. Her eyes grew wide. Will laughed.

"Man! You just pulled the rug out from under her!" He said. She started breathing heavily. Thomas walked a little closer.

"Are you alright?" He asked. She shook her head. Amber suddenly ran over.

"Dude! Why'd you do that!?" She asked putting an arm around Dot. She slowly walked her over to a chair, "She has severe anxiety, and her entire life's work was so easily discovered. She must be freaking out pretty badly." Amber said, "Calm down." She said to her loudly, as if to cut through the clouds, "Nothing to worry about!" Amber smiled, "They won't tell anyone!" She said, "RIGHT!?" She asked turning to the boys. They all nodded vigorously. 

"Just calm down." Amber said. Dot started to breathe a little more regularly, "Now, Mr...what's your name?" She asked.

"Thomas." He said.

"Mr. Thomas is gonna apologise." Amber narrowed her eyes at him as he stepped toward her.

"I'm sorry." He said, "I didn't think it was that big of a deal. But, clearly it is. I swear we won't blab to anyone." He sat down in the chair with his name on the back. Dot took a deep breath, and looked to the other people in the room. They all nodded, and sat in their respective chairs. A girl walked in.

"So sorry I'm late! I got stuck in traffic!" She said. She walked up to Dot, "Are you Terry?" She asked. Dot nodded slowly, "I'm so sorry, but you're in my chair! Yours is right there." She said pointing to the chair right next to the one she was in. Dot nodded, and scooted over to let the girl sit there.

"I'm Kaya," She said holding her hand out for Dot to shake. Dot shook her hand, and settled in her chair.

"Alright, Boys and Girls," A man said walking onto the soundstage, "As all of you might know, I'm James Dashner, and I would like Miss Terry to raise her hand." He said. She did as she was asked, "Great! Who is your friend?" He asked.

"I'm Amber Harris," She said, "Is it not ok for me to be here?" She asked. Mr. Dashner shook his head.

"Oh, you're fine! I just wanted to make sure you weren't a gate crasher!" He said. She laughed, and sat in the extra chair next to Ryan.

"So, You know why you're here, right?" He asked. 

"My publisher wouldn't tell me!" She said reverting to her American accent.

"I can understand that, You're here to find out about the filming process." He said. Dot furrowed her brow.

"Why?" She asked, "I don't have any film plans in the near future!" She chuckled.

"Well, ya see, I was told you're getting a film based off your book series." He said. Dot gasped.

"What!?" She was outraged. She knew what the film industry does to books. They twist them until they're basically a fanfiction with the same characters on the filmscreen. She was not gonna let that happen.


I would just like to say, I've never experianced an anxiety attack, so I have no clue what it's like. If I was wrong, very wrong, please let me know! I really would like to get it right. If I was kinda right, I would still like to know. I only know one person who has them, and I don't think it would be a comfortable subject to ask her about. I'm very sorry if it was so wrong it was insulting. And I'm sorry if it didn't seem very severe, but I seriously have no idea what it would be like, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling, or set one off on anyone. ok? So, please let me know if I should just rewrite the whole chapter! Please, someone tell me, don't leave it off to someone else! I need to know!

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