Back to Childhood


1. back to childhood

this story goes way back to when Sophia and Hudson were in pre-K together. Sophia was seven-year-old years old with short curly blond hair and blue eyes. Hudson had darker hair and green eyes. They were the best of friends. Everyday they would go from school to Hudson's clubhouse and chase each other all night and end up in Sophia's yard. They would fall asleep watching the night sky together. Bridgett Sophia's older sister would come and bring her inside and Connor Hudson's older brother would come and bring him home as well. Everything was perfect. Until two years later when everything changed. It was a regular day at school for Sophia but Hudson was not acting himself. At recess he didn't want to play and he didn't leave the clubhouse all day. It was getting dark and Connor came up to get Hudson to come inside.

Connor- Hudson you have to say goodbye now.

Hudson- do I have to go?

Sophia- go where?

Connor- Hudson you haven't told her yet?

Hudson- my family and me are moving to Hawaii.

Sophia- what? Why?

Connor- our dad can't find a job and we have up there who will get him a job there.

Sophia- oh. Will I see you again.

Hudson- I hope so.

They hugged saying goodbye and didn't want to let go. Hudson got in his car the next morning and planned to never see him again. Sophia was really lonely at school and went straight home every day and into her room. The next year an new family was moved into Hudson's old house. Sophia's mom told her that a new girl her age has moved into the neighborhood. They both walk over to greet the new neighbors. Her mom introduced herself and her daughter to the new parents. They said that her daughter was up in her room. Sophia went up to her room, but as strolling through the house, so many memories came back of her and Hudson playing and just being best friends. She knocked on the door and a little girl with curly dark hair came out with a light of sunshine.

Violet- hi my name is Violet. Whats yours?

Sophia- I'm Sophia. Want to play?

Violet- sure. Lets go outside.

Violet was so nice to Sophia and the soon became great friends. Violet is ten years old the same as Sophia and also has blue eyes. Violet started to go to the same school as Sophia and they both came home together and played till the street lights came on. Violet was so excited to have a new best friend because she left all her old friends at her old school and town. They planned to spent the rest of their lives together and so far they have. They went to the same elementary school, middle school and now got into the same high school. They are now fifteen years old as sophomores in high school. Violet is a dancer, and soccer player. Sophia is a basket ball player and also a soccer player and still loves to play guitar. It was summer break and Violet was over Sophia's house. Violet was planning to go to Canada to ski with her family for a couple of weeks and Sophia was told that they were going on an anonymous vacation somewhere warm for two weeks. They spent all day together because they were not going to see each other for three weeks. They said their good byes at he end of the day and prepared for an early morning the next day. It is 4:05 when they have to get up. She packed her phone, charger, some small snacks, a book, empty water bottle to fill up, and sunglasses. They left for the airport and arrived thirty minutes later. Bridget just came home from college and didn't feel like doing anything other than sleep. Their parents gave then their passports and tickets with the destination on it.

Bridget- OMG! Are you serious!

Mom- yes. We are going to Hawaii!

It was than that it clicked for Sophia. Hawaii was where Hudson told her he was moving to. There is a small chance that they could actually see each other. She thought that they would never see each other again but now there is a chance. The whole time Sophia was daydreaming thinking about what could happen. “What if we meet up again? What will happen? How will we meet up? A handsome surfer comes to save me from drowning in the ocean. Picks me up in his arms and we lock eyes and we know right away that its him and I'm me. Did he change his hair color? What if the plane crashes and we can't get back? Will I stay with him forever? We could get married and have a family? What if I don't remember what he looks like?”

Sophia- what if he doesn't remember me?

Bridget- what was that?

Sophia- nothing. Just talking to myself.

Bridget- k

they finally arrived at the airport and got their luggage heading to the hotel. Sophia got a thought about Hudson and asked her mom for her phone. She might still have his phone number in her contacts. It is most likely not going to work but is always worth a shot. Scrolling though the contacts she came across Hudson. Sophia called the number listed and waited. Ring. Ring. Ring. Then someone picked up.

Phone- hello?

Sophia- hi my name is Sophia. Who is this?

Phone- Sophia?

Sophia- yes.

Phone- sorry I don't know anyone by that name.

Sophia- oh. I'm sorry. Wrong number than.


Sophia was kinda upset that didn't work. It was a long shot but worth the try. She got passed seeing Hudson and enjoyed her vacation tie in Hawaii. Bridget took her to the beach close by to go get a tan and meet a cute Hawaiian man if she is lucky. Sophia was invited to play some beach soccer with some little kids. They kept getting past her and she went to kick it and tripped. An older guy around her age came over to help her up.

Guy- are you OK.

Sophia- yes and thanks for the hand. I'm not use to playing soccer on sand.

Guy- yeah. Its harder than it looks.

Sophia got up and wiped the sand off of her not really looking at the guy until he knows her name.

Guy- Sophia?

Sophia- yeah. How do you know my name?

Guy- do you not remember me?

Sophia took a good look at him and didn't know haw he knew her. She looked into his eyes and had a flashback to when she was five years old. She was on the swing set by herself and a boy came over and bushed her off then ran away. Face first into the sand crying. An other boy came over and helped her up.

Hudson- are you OK? My names Hudson.

Sophia- thanks. Hey do you want to play with me?

Hudson-yes. Lets be best friends.

Sophia- OK.

That was the day they became best friend. She came back and looked into his eyes again realizing that it was her best friend.

Sophia- Hudson!?

He nods his head with a big smile on his face. She ran into his arms and never wanted to let go again.

Sophia- how did you recognize me?

Hudson- I will never forget those crystal blue eyes and blond curls anywhere. I can't believe you didn't recognize me right away.

Sophia- to be honest I was trying to get you out of my head this vacation because I thought there was no chance of meeting you here. I called your old phone number.

Hudson- seriously. That's so sweet though.

They both caught up on how their lives have been going and Hudson showed Sophia around all day. He showed her all his favorite places to go. The last place he went to was a path through the woods leading to a clubhouse. Sophia was going to cry because so many good memories came rushing back to her. Then that one memory of the last time they were together in a clubhouse where he told her he was leaving forever. Hudson took Sophia's hand and climbed into the clubhouse to see some of their favorite toys and pictures of them everywhere. Hudson came over to Sophia and grabbed her hands and stared into her big crystal eyes.

Hudson- Sophia you were and still are the best friend I ever had.

Sophia- you have always been mine. I can't believe you still have all this stuff.

Hudson- I had to keep it. I was going to get rid of it but I just couldn't do it so I built this.

Sophia- you built this?

Hudson- Connor and I did.

Sophia- how is Connor?

Hudson- great. He went to college back in the US. And my mom had another boy Nate.

Sophia- How old is he?

Hudson- he is five now. The same age where we became best friends.

Sophia- is this my old guitar?

Hudson- yeah. You left it in the clubhouse when we left. You can have it back if you want.

Sophia- no. I want you to have it. It can be my gift to you and you have to think of me every time you see it.

Hudson- deal

Sophia and talk like they never left each other. They talked about Hudson's new life in Hawaii and how Sophia's life is back home. They were playing the guitar for a little bit. Hudson said that they had to leave before dark. There is a party that night and Hudson is performing in it. He asked if she wanted to go and agreed. They eventually left the clubhouse and headed for the beach. They took a nice stroll down the shoreline before going into the party.

Sophia- I never knew how beautiful Hawaii is.

Hudson- I know. I love to just lie on the beach and watch the sunset and the waves splash against the shoreline. The light reflects the water perfectly at night.

Sophia- I have a question.

Hudson- shoot.

Sophia- did you kinda, like me as a kid?

Hudson- no.

Sophia- Oh.

Hudson- I like you as you are now.

Sophia looked over to him. Hudson always liked her. Sophia saw him as her best friend when they were younger but Hudson always saw something more than friendship. He knew that he always loved her and never wanted to let her leave his life. Connor was always with a girl and Hudson saw them and knew he wanted that compassion for Sophia. Hudson took her over to the corner of the water rushing against the sand. They just stared into each others eyes as friends the Sophia knew. She knew that there was always something there for him and why she could never get him out of her head. Hudson leaned in closer to her and their lips touched sealing the moment. Sophia knew this was what she wanted. She liked him and he liked her. But it could never be. She broke the moment and had a sad look on her face.

Hudson- whats wrong? Do you not like me like that?

Sophia- no that's not it. I do like you. A lot actually. Its just the distance. We never will be able to see each other. Think about it. The last time we saw each other was when we were nine. Seven years ago.

Hudson- don't worry about later. We are here together now right?

Hudson was right but how much longer is the question. Hudson and Sophia walk over to the party and it was amazing. There was people dancing with fire and hula dancers. Hudson was dancing with fire and she was a little worried he might burn himself but he is a professional if he is actually up there. After all the performers they played a slow song for all those couples to dance to. Sophia and Hudson's parents were together, Bridgett was was a cute surfer and Connor was dancing with a hula dancer. Hudson came off the stage and held out his hand for Sophia to take and lead her to the dance floor. They danced all night and it ended on a slow song. Hudson kissed Sophia's cheek and told her not to worry. They spent as much time together as possible. Both families had fun together and Hudson taught Sophia how to surf. Sophia played her guitar for Hudson and they had a great time together. Hudson's family brought Sophia's to the airport when it was that time to leave. Hudson went to say good bye to Sophia and gave her note to open the first time she thinks about him. They left and got into the airplane. It was when she was staring down to the water she thought about how they met on the beach. She remembered the note and was told to open it when she thought of him. So Sophia opened the note and it said;

Dear Sophia,

You made these two weeks very special to me and I will treasure them forever. You are my best friends forever and I hope you feel the same way about me. But the last couple of days I have had a different feeling for you as more than friends. You mean a lot to me and I would do anything for you. I give you this necklace to remember the time we had together and I will always remember you. Aloha!

Sincerely, Hudson

Hudson gave her a necklace with a Hawaiian flower on it. On the back was a little note explaining the symbol of the flower “a flower is delicate but no one can underestimate the power it contains. It keeps us alive. Beautiful plants to lift our sad times to happy moments and keep us going. You are my flower Sophia.” Back in Hawaii Hudson went to his clubhouse to look at all the new pictures he added of the recent times he spent with Sophia. In the corner of the room he sees the guitar she left for him. Attached to the strings is a song she was working on. The song was all about him and Sophia's time together. Hudson put the song on the wall right next to the guitar and knows that you will never forget your first true love.

The End

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