The Cabin in the Woods

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  • Published: 13 May 2017
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2017
  • Status: Complete
Privington, Ashville not only holds the most interesting records of criminals, but it also is the home to the three young detectives; Marty, Wesley, and Jackie. After closing down yet another stolen goods operation, the trio is called upon to take on another task. However, this time it's different, and later on known to be extremely dangerous.

Chief Blanton, of the Privington Police Department, has given the young sleuths the task of finding his son, who has disappeared. Of course they accept, not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into. When Jackie gets kidnapped, will the trio decide to back off or will they fight on? Will they find the chief's son, or will they fail?

Read on to dive deeper into this mystery.


30. Chapter 30 - (Marty's P.O.V)

I flinched, closing my eyes as I waited for the impact...which didn't end up coming. Nothing happened.


I patted myself down quickly and felt nothing unusual, nor did I see my blood bleeding into my clothes. As I focused on Nathan I was amused to find him smacking the gun with such force I'm sure he would have lost his grip on it. I took my chance, knowing it was now or never. Walking forward with a spring in my step, I started towards Nathan. As he saw me approaching him, he threw the useless weapon away, fists at the ready.


When I was only a few steps away from standing in front of him, he took the first swing. I ducked, causing him to fall forward. I stepped out of the way, hoping that maybe he would fall. However, he regained his balance, so I took my turn. Aiming for his right side, I sent my fist soaring through the air.


"Oomph!" I had hit my target. "That's for taking Jackie," I said, punching him on the left as he was disoriented. "That's for beating her," I continued, but then was stopped as I was pushed to the side.


"And that's for punching Marty," Jackie stated, hitting his nose for the second time today. Nathan staggered for a moment, Jackie heaving a breath out. She must have enjoyed that as much as I did watching it.


When Nathan had regained some of his senses, he rose to his full height and advanced towards Jackie, fists clenched so hard his knuckles were turning white.


"I don't think so, pal," I threatened, striking him on the left side as Jackie smashed the right. With that Nathan was sent to the ground, unmoving.


"They make it look less painful in the movies," Jackie chuckled, shaking her hand in the air. I walked closer to her, concern and pure joy filling me as I knew that it was all finally over. And because she had fought like a boss.


"You could have gotten hurt," I whispered, picking her hand up and holding it in mine, drawing my thumb softly over her knuckles.


"I know, but it was worth it. He hit you, and even if he had the chance to hit me again I wouldn't regret pushing you out of the way," she admitted. I stared at her for a moment, admiring her eyes instead of upsetting myself with all her bruises and cuts.


I chuckled. ‘’That’s supposed to be my line.’’ She laughed back, and then I continued. "It wasn't worth it. You've been through so much already that you shouldn't be putting yourself at risk." I took another step closer to Jackie and pulled her in for a hug that I know we both needed. "I'm so, so sorry, Jackie. I was terrified not knowing what would happen to you. If I would ever see you or hold you again. It was heart breaking. And that name he had for made me want to do much worse than simply punch him. To think that he was the one with you while I was at home planning, planning made me feel guilty. It made me feel as though I was letting you down."


Jackie lifted her head to meet the eyes that were already looking down at her. "You didn't let me down, Marty. You never have, and I know you never will. You'll always find a way to do what's needed to be done. You've just got to believe that you can, and know others believe you can. I was scared too, but I knew that you and Wesley would find me. I knew it because you're too driven to lose hope and give up. Because what is a trio, or a duo," she said, squeezing my hand and smiling with a pink tint on her cheeks, "without that second or third person?"


I beamed at Jackie. God she was beautiful. "Thank you for that." I really did mean it. I needed that. "I’m not going to let anyone get to you and hurt you again. Not only did you get injured, but it also affected me. I don't want you going through this ever again, and I'm going to make sure you don't. I couldn't bear knowing that you're in such a horrible position. I almost lost it today. If it weren't for Wesley I probably would have."


I studied her with a quick once over and a pang of guilt washed over me again. No matter what anyone said, there was this lingering itch that got in the way of my thoughts or of what I was doing. It was because it all came back to me feeling that in the end, if not all, it was partially my fault Jackie was in this state. But with one glance—that's all it took—to her eyes, it all just washed away. All the guilt, the pain, the fear...all gone, just like that. It was amazing that she had such an affect on me.


My eyes slowly traveled down to Jackie's lips, and then popped back up to her eyes. Then back to her lips again. I was so tempted, but considering that Jackie was in the state she was, I hesitated all the same.


To my surprise, she advanced even closer and smiled coyly at me, giving me the permission I needed. I slowly leaned down, my left hand now cupping her left cheek, the right resting at her waist, holding her to me. I could feel the heat radiate off of her onto me, sending shivers down my spine that wasn't from a slight chill. I slowly and very softly stroked my thumb along her cheek, attempting to sooth her pain while setting the moment. I dipped my head in further, now only mere centimetres away from Jackie's lips. I could feel her hot, slow breath, hear my heart pounding in my ears from anticipation. All I had to do was lean in a little more…


...and that's when I heard someone quietly but audibly clear their throat. What perfect timing. I sighed, closing my eyes for a short time and then opened them. I looked to one side and saw Frank and Wesley standing alongside Chief Blanton. My face flared a vibrant red, the heat rising. Jackie on the other hand just giggled. Her laugh was infectious and adorable that I had to let out a few chuckles myself.


"You're alright, then?" Wesley asked Jackie, amused.


"I think I'll live," she laughed, face flustered.

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