The Cabin in the Woods

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  • Published: 13 May 2017
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2017
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Privington, Ashville not only holds the most interesting records of criminals, but it also is the home to the three young detectives; Marty, Wesley, and Jackie. After closing down yet another stolen goods operation, the trio is called upon to take on another task. However, this time it's different, and later on known to be extremely dangerous.

Chief Blanton, of the Privington Police Department, has given the young sleuths the task of finding his son, who has disappeared. Of course they accept, not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into. When Jackie gets kidnapped, will the trio decide to back off or will they fight on? Will they find the chief's son, or will they fail?

Read on to dive deeper into this mystery.


28. Chapter 28 - (Jackie's P.O.V)

I couldn't believe that Marty was right there, the only thing separating us the window pane. I had stacked the books as high as I could so I was able to reach the opening. When I failed to open it I started to pound my fists on the glass, hoping it would budge. Unfortunately it didn't, but it did attract the attention of Marty.


Wesley and someone else stood behind him, looking down at me. It took me a moment to realize that the stranger was Frank.


"We're going to get you out of there," Marty declared. He turned around and was facing Wesley and Frank. He spoke to them briefly and then circled back to me. "Back up," he instructed. "We're going to break the glass."


I shook my head vigorously and pointed to the other window within the room. Marty, confused, looked to where I was pointing and saw Nathan in view. He didn't understand what I was trying to say so I went to the next option. I tapped on the glass and made an explosion with my hands, using expressions to help. I then pointed at Nathan, to my ear, and lastly to the door. Marty made an "o" shape with his mouth, showing that he got the picture.


He shook his head, saying, "We can't do it any other way. We'll just have to be quick."


I sighed and then nodded, agreeing. He gave me a reassuring smile and said that he'd get me out of there and that it'd be okay. I backed up as he stood and glanced nervously at Nathan. If he caught me—yet again—I'd be in for a real punishment, one that I knew for certain would finish me. I saw Marty walk away and momentarily panicked. I calmed as I realized he wouldn't leave me behind.


He shortly returned with a rock in hand. Standing out of harm's way, I waited for Marty to break the window. Not three seconds later came the sound of shattering glass. I looked again at Nathan and saw him looking my way. I gulped as it registered in my mind that he had heard.


"He's coming," I stuttered, hastily climbing back up the book pile.


Wesley and Frank had kicked the remains of the jagged pieces of glass away, making it safe for me to climb through.


"It's alright," Marty whispered. "Take my hand and Wesley's. We'll lift you out."


I heard the jingle of keys as Nathan fumbled, racing to open the door. Hastily taking Marty's and Wesley's hand I pulled as they pulled, slowly getting through the window. And then, just as my chest past the window frame, I felt something firmly grab my ankle. I screeched in terror as Nathan held me with a vice like grip.


"Frank!" Marty called behind him. "Help us pull!"



Frank grabbed the hand that Marty held and pulled hard. Nathan still didn't let go.


"Ha! You don't really think you're going to escape, do you, little girl?" For a moment, and a moment only, I felt Marty flinch at the name. "I'm too strong!"


"And immensely stupid," I commented, kicking hard at his broken and exposed nose.


He howled in pain as the bleeding started again. As soon as he let me go, Marty, Wesley, and Frank were able to pull me fully through.


"You little brat! You'll pay for that!" Nathan growled.


Quite frankly I didn't care. I turned, looking for Marty and saw him sitting right there beside me. He lept to his feet and helped me up as Frank and Wesley rose themselves.


"Jackie, can you run?" Wesley asked hurriedly.


"I don't think I can—"


Marty interrupted me. "I'll carry you. Don't argue," he added with a joking yet serious tone.


"Nathan, what's the pr—" people had heard Nathan's hollering and came to investigate.


Nathan himself was starting to climb through the window, while the others looked at us, the broken window, and my disheveled appearance. Realizing just who we were, they frantically started arguing, eyes wide. Some even followed behind Nathan and tried to give him a boost out of the window.


‘’They’re getting away!’’ one of the men hollered. ‘’Someone go out back and grab the car! Get ‘em!’’


"We need go. Now," Frank exclaimed.


Marty lifted me into his arms and began to run along with Frank and Wesley. Ignoring the shouts and booming voice of Nathan, we raced to safety.

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