The Cabin in the Woods

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  • Published: 13 May 2017
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2017
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Privington, Ashville not only holds the most interesting records of criminals, but it also is the home to the three young detectives; Marty, Wesley, and Jackie. After closing down yet another stolen goods operation, the trio is called upon to take on another task. However, this time it's different, and later on known to be extremely dangerous.

Chief Blanton, of the Privington Police Department, has given the young sleuths the task of finding his son, who has disappeared. Of course they accept, not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into. When Jackie gets kidnapped, will the trio decide to back off or will they fight on? Will they find the chief's son, or will they fail?

Read on to dive deeper into this mystery.


16. Chapter 16 - (Jackie's P.O.V)

Wesley and I walked over to where Marty was stood, and gazed at the mirror, searching for whatever it was that caught Marty's attention. It was a small piece of paper. However, it wasn't blank. When I took a closer look I saw this written down: Stay away or you'll get worse than what your friend got. I suppose I was the 'friend' mentioned in the note, but that's not what frightened me. What frightened me was the fact that this paper was inside our home...that means someone had broke in. That means they knew where we lived, and that we were onto them. Marty turned around and his hard features softened.


"Stay here." He directed the order towards me. "Wesley, come on. We have to see if anyone is still here." They walked out of the kitchen and disappeared as they rounded a corner.


I sat in the silent room, which was all too quiet for my liking, and waited for their return. I took it upon myself to inform the chief about our most recent findings. Well, about the piece of paper. As much as I wanted to tell him about the hidden location we had discovered, I just couldn't. As soon as he found that out he would no doubt want to move in. If he were to do so this abruptly, the criminals could easily get away. They may be packing up even now, all because we had been caught when we were snooping around.


"Hello," came the secretary's cheery voice.


"Hey Alicia, it's Jackie. I was wondering if I could have a word with Chief Blanton? If he's available?"


"Yep! Sure thing. Just hold a moment while I put you through."


"Sure thing." After a moment's pause there came the gruff, tired voice of the chief's.


"Hello. Chief Blanton here."


"Hello, sir. It's Jackie."


"Ah, Jackie. Good to hear from you. How are you feeling? I heard what happened to you on the night of your walk. I took a couple of men with me to check things out, but I’m sorry to say that we didn’t end up finding anything--no body, no shooter."


"I'm pulling through. A bit of soreness here and there, but I'll live. And that’s what I had expected to happen. They obviously would want to cover that up."


"Yes, I thought the same thing. I’m glad  you’re alright though. Now what can I do for you?"


"Well, sir, I've called to inform you on something that we received. We've just come home from a stroll through the area,’’ I lied. I know I shouldn’t lie but we just can’t lose this one lead. It’s all we’ve got. ‘’When we got inside we found a note, well, a threat on our mirror."


"A threat? What did it say?"


" 'Stay away or you'll get worse than your friend'. I assume I'm the 'friend', seeing as I was the only one attacked." A sudden thought struck me. "But that would mean that the person who attacked me, the same person who murdered that man that one night is a person possibly connected in your son's kidnapping." That would have to be right. What else would they want to keep us away from? Maybe a secret operation of sorts?


"Yes. Yes, that seems right. Listen, I'm going to put some people on guard at—"


"Sir, as much as we would appreciate it, I'm going to have to say no. And I think that's speaking for both Marty and Wesley too."


"But Jackie, these people are dangerous. It would be wiser to do this."


"I understand where you're coming from, sir, but I'm still going to have to decline. What if it scares our quarry away?" I heard a deep sigh on the other end of the phone as Chief Blanton thought this through. Then my son could die, he was most likely thinking. "It's for the best, sir. Trust me, it is."


"I suppose so."


"Thank you, though. I'll get back to you when we make any further leads."


"Be safe. All three of you. I don't want to lose another one of yous. And find my son, please find him."


"We'll do our absolute best, sir. I can promise you that." "Thank you, Jackie."


"No problem, sir. Get some rest. At least try. Bye bye for now."


I hung the phone up just as Marty and Wesley entered the kitchen.


"Nobody's here. Who were you speaking with?" Marty questioned.


"Chief Blanton. I told him about the paper. I didn't say anything about the secret path though."


"Good thinking. This way we still might have a chance to go back there and investigate further."


‘’Was anything out of order? Damaged?’’


‘’No. I even checked the folder we have on Frank. It’s still here.’’ I nodded my head.


I took a seat at the counter, and sighed a sigh of exhaustion. My ribs weren't that sore anymore, and they were getting even better. Just a little more rest and I think I would be as good as new.


"Boy am I ever starved," Marty sighed. I looked at him, Wesley looked at him.


"We literally just ate not that long ago," I stated.

"I'm just a growing boy who needs to eat."


"By growing what would you mean?" I stretched my arms out and made a semicircle in front of my stomach. I blew my cheeks out and was rewarded with a spurt of laughter from Wesley.


Marty on the other hand stared at me with his special glare; the death glare.


"Uh-oh. You've done it Jackie. I swear you've done it," Wesley observed. "Was nice knowing you."


And then Marty grinned. He actually grinned. Who grins when you've been made fun of? I have to admit I was kinda scared now. Marty never did that. And then I realized what the grin was for. He was plotting his next move, his way to get back at me.


"Oh just you wait," he said. "Just you wait."

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