When Statues Fall

Juniper Cipher has freed her brother from his stone prison, but at a cost. That being, they're both human. Dipper and Mabel, everything you care about is about to change...


2. The Second

"Why did we have to wait the extra two weeks to come here? I can't wait two hours!" Mabel Pines' long, chocolate brown hair fell in her face, but it was quickly brushed aside. 

"Because Grunkle Stan and Great Uncle Ford didn't get back from their trip until now." Her twin brother, Dipper, said matter-of-factly, readjusting his new glasses. They made his already intelligent appearance look even smarter, but they remained awkward and large on him, constantly needing to be pushed back up. 

"Oh, right. I am soooo  suuuppperrr  exxiiiittteeed  Diiiippper!" The post-preteen bounced up and down in her seat. Then she paused. "Oh, my gosh! What if...the Gnomes still want me to be their queen?" 

Dipper shrugged. "Unless they've found a new Queen, they probably will. But I don't think there's anything to worry about. We've beaten them before, and we could beat them again!" The male twin seemed more confident in his abilities than usual, and he felt more confident. This could likely be attributed to the fact that the two Pines Twins were returning to one of the most exiting places in the multiverse. Gravity Falls. One of the strangest places on Earth. Others would ignore the oddities until they couldn't anymore. Like last summer, when Bill Cipher, a psychopathic and powerful dream demon, created a rift in time and space so the Nightmare Dimension could leak into theirs. The guy was a serious creepster. 

"We're lucky we even get to come back at all, especially with the number of fork scars I received last summer." Dipper stated. 

"Oh, right. Dipper, I'm really sorry I didn't notice, I-," 

"No, it's fine. You had your play to worry about. I'm just glad you realized in the end and didn't give Bill the journal." The younger twin hugged his sister. He had decided a while back she didn't deserve anger from him anymore. She had had enough right after the demonic possession incident.

The bus pulled into Gravity Falls.

"Oh. My. Gosh. We're here! Dipper we're here! I cannot wait to see everyone! Dipper, why aren't you smiling so much your mouth hurts? I'm smiling so much my mouth hurts!!"

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