When Statues Fall

Juniper Cipher has freed her brother from his stone prison, but at a cost. That being, they're both human. Dipper and Mabel, everything you care about is about to change...


4. The Fourth

And it was super fun!" Mabel finished her overly long talk quickly, bouncing up and down. "Except for algebra. I was really, really bad at algebra."

"I was great at algebra!" Dipper interjected.

"Right. You keep reminding me of that. Now stop it, we all know you're super smart." Mabel said, annoyed. 

There was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." said Ford, speaking for the first time since the initial hellos. He stood and walked over to the door. Upon opening it, he found a two teenagers. One was fairly tall, with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. The other was of an average hight, but so skinny you'd think he'd not eaten in weeks, blonde hair standing bright against his pale skin. 

"If you're here for the Mystery Shack part of the house, it's on the side."
Silence. Stanford took a step back. 

"Who are you?" He asked, suspicious. 

More silence. A feeling of dread set in.

"Who are you? Asked Ford again, taking a step back.

"Caroline. I'm Caroline Bakersfield and this is my brother, Calypso." Spoke the blue-haired one, toying with her wavy locks. 

"Do you have proof of that?" The world's nerdiest old man questioned.

"No, sir. Please, we got lost during our family camping trip, we don't even know where we are, and we just want something to eat." The blonde spoke now, his green eyes glistening. 

There were so, so, many holes in that statement, and Stanford Pines, being a suspicious, untrusting man, saw them all. 

"I won't let you in unless you can provide valid proof that you are who you say you are."

"Fine, alright." The two turned and left. 

Ford watched them leave, staring at them until they were out of sight. He could be wrong, but he thought there was something very familiar about the boy.

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