When Statues Fall

Juniper Cipher has freed her brother from his stone prison, but at a cost. That being, they're both human. Dipper and Mabel, everything you care about is about to change...


1. The First

Juniper's blue hair fell in her face as she ran. She didn't brush it away, though. That would mean breaking her hand formation, and she was almost to the end. Soon, she would let her brother out. Soon, he would be free. She would have doused herself in water quite a while ago, if she had the ability. Only a few more hours before she could free her brother from his stone prison. Only a few more hours of endless running before twelve months were up, and her brother was free. For a second, Juniper marveled at the fact that she had been able to keep herself going for this long, but then reminded herself that, as a dream demon, she was immortal, and therefore of was highly unlikely she would tire of this anytime soon. True, her brother was on the list of most wanted criminals in the mutiverse, but she was sure that was just peer pressure.

How? A part of herself thought. How can you think that?! He literally took over our home dimension until he grew bored, at which point he destroyed it. Not to mention he's a very strong willed dream demon. It wasn't peer pressure. 

She would regret doing this, probably. Her brother would brush it off as something she had done because of blood, not because she actually liked him. And then there was the price to pay for the magic. There was no possible way to get around that...though actually there might have been. Her brother had always been good at finding amazing loopholes. The price being the two became human. She had searched for quite a while for something to deter the effects. The farthest she had gotten was allowing them to keep their abilities for elemental manipulation and production. Only a few more moments. She wondered how old the two of them would be. He was older than she was. However, She, Juniper Cipher, was more mature than her brother, Bill.

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