Childhood Friends

Sam and Nash have known each other their whole lives. Living down the street from each other doesn't help. In elementary school they become best friends, but when they get to high school will things change?(Nash isn't famous)


1. Summer

Sam's POV:

"Sam! Your boyfriend is here!" My little brother yells. He starts to laugh because he thinks so funny.

As I walk down the stairs I ask, "Matthew, what if I said Maci was your girlfriend?" I laugh as he pouts. As I walk towards the front door, I see my best friend. "Hi Nash!" I screamed as I gave him a bear hug.

"Hey Sam. Are you ready for the best summer ever?" Nash asks as he tries to get me off him.

"Yes! I can't believe that in two months we will be freshmen!" I say as we walk over to the couch. "So what are we doing today?"

"Umm, how about we go see a movie?" He asks.

"Okay, let me go ask my mom if I can go," I walk towards the kitchen and she mom making lunch for Matthew. "Mom, can Nash and I go see a movie?"

"Sure honey, let me go get my keys," she said as she walked out of the room.

I ran back into the family room and jumped onto the couch.

"Guess what?" I said to Nash.

"Let me guess, Aiden texted you," he said laughing. I have had a crush on Aiden since sixth grade, then he moved away. Nash, Aiden, and I were all best friends in elementary school.

"No, my mom is taking us to the movies!"

"Yay!" He yelled as he ran to the car.

As I walked out the front door I thought, This summer is going to be the best!

A/N: Sorry for a short first chapter. This is my first book, so I hope you like it.

Luv, GDR

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