Childhood Friends

Sam and Nash have known each other their whole lives. Living down the street from each other doesn't help. In elementary school they become best friends, but when they get to high school will things change?(Nash isn't famous)


2. Back Ground Knowledge

The story of us (Sam, Nash...& Aiden):

Sam's POV:

In first grade I met this weird boy named Nash. At recess he would always play with the worms and scare off all the other girls. I thought it was really funny, so I started to hang out with him.

"Hi, my name is Sam," I said as I held out my hand.

He grabbed my hand and said, "My name's Nash."

As I sat down in the dirt I said, "Let's be best friends."

"Forever." He added as he sat down too.

Two years later

There was a new kid in our class. His name was Aiden. He had spiky hair and always wore plaid shirts. On his first day in our elementary school, he got in trouble for putting a worm in our teacher's soup.

Of course Nash and I thought it was hilarious. That day at lunch we decided to sit next to him. After that, we were the inseparable three. I guess it had something to do with worms, that caused us to be friends.

Three years later

It was the first day of sixth grade, when I started to see Aiden in a different way. I had developed a crush on him, that year.

During the summer before middle school, we were all hanging out at my house. He told us he was moving away. I was heartbroken. He never knew I had a crush on him. Nash didn't either until one day he came over to my house and saw me crying.

He had asked me what was wrong. I said, "You can't tell anyone."

"I promise, now what's wrong?"

"I have liked Aiden since the beginning of sixth grade, and it's hard not having one of your best friends around anymore. Especially if you liked them."

Since then the only two that know how I feel about Aiden is me and Nash.

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