[11th Doctor] Brain Death

It's the year 9100, and the Doctor gets a strong signal on Earth. When help is requested, he lands with Clara at his side when the "eye for an eye" phrase comes into play. Perhaps a man called Zak, who supposed has the cure for cancer, may be the answer to what is happening on the ruins of Earth.


3. 2

"What?" the Doctor frowned.
"She's goin' crazy. She's already got it. I helped her in the jeep because she was too short, so I had to pull her up and grab her hands whilst doin' so. That'd be makin' her a crazy kiddo, wouldn't it?" Tyren muttered.
"Well, that means that you have it too."
"Ah, yeah, I was hopin' you'd be figurin' that out soon. I heard your name. Doctor. You got a cure which can cure this and cancer?"
"There should already be a cure for cancer. Something very wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey is definitely going on here. It's 9100. You guys found a cure for cancer in, what was it, the 41st century? Well past that."
"No, never was a cure for cancer found..." he saw that the Doctor was reaching for Clara's hand and pushed Clara away from him. "No! You touch her, you'll be gettin' it too!"
"I need to find out what happens for myself. It's the only way," the Doctor replied calmly and evenly, but his voice raised ever so slightly with a hint of anger.
"No, Doctor!" Clara argued. "I'll be fine."
"Then so will I," the Doctor grinned, then grabbed her by the wrist and whispered, "geronimo."

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