[11th Doctor] Brain Death

It's the year 9100, and the Doctor gets a strong signal on Earth. When help is requested, he lands with Clara at his side when the "eye for an eye" phrase comes into play. Perhaps a man called Zak, who supposed has the cure for cancer, may be the answer to what is happening on the ruins of Earth.


2. 1

Coughing, the Doctor cradled Clara in his arms and stumbled over to the TARDIS.
"Carry me faster!" Clara laughed into his chest.
"It's not very easy to carry you, midget or not midget!" the Doctor retorted.
"Well, it is true..."
"Thanks for the lift, I guess." The Doctor barged through the TARDIS doors and dumped her on the gleaming, silver floor.
"I can't believe I've never thought of this... the future!"
"Ow!" Clara yelped, pulling herself up from the floor whilst laughing. "You have thought of that, actually."
"Yes, well... let's go to 9100! They do some delicious food. I think. I'm not entirely sure."
"Well, be sure to make sure that they do delicious food by actually going there then!"
"Alright then. Next stop, Britain, 9100! Geronimo." With a swift movement of his hands, the Doctor pulled the landing lever, and the TARDIS wheeze-groaned as it dematerialized and flew into the time vortex. Clara laughed wildly as she was thrown about in the TARDIS, and with a sudden motion, it stopped and everything was still. She felt a hand take hers and then she was running with the Doctor into another adventure. Aliens, creepy people, strange deaths and dark alleyways. Clara's life had become a book full of chapters that made no sense. The doors thrust themselves open as they ran through. What Clara saw next made her heart stop. A bunch of zombie-looking people were watching the TARDIS from a small distance.
"Hello," said the Doctor awkwardly. "I'm the Doctor, and this is Clara. Who are you?"
The people stared him, walking slowly towards him with stiff, jittering movements. The Doctor backed up against the TARDIS, Clara holding his hand. A noise like a car heading towards them was heard, and the Doctor looked up to see a big Land Rover heading towards them. The man in the Land Rover wound down his window, and shouted out to them, "hop in!" Without hesitation, the Doctor tugged Clara after him and they climbed into the Land Rover. The car took off.
"Explain," Clara coughed as the car drove onwards. "Who are they?"
"We call 'em Crazies," the driver answered, as if it was obvious. "They're the people that have gone crazy, and got the disease. It's a rough place round 'ere. If only the aeroplanes and helicopters were still workin', we could leave this damn country and head to somewhere safe. Maybe America."
"But... what disease? How did it break out? Explain it to us as if we're aliens and haven't got a clue what's going on," the Doctor continued on.
"Okay, I'mma start from the beginning. My name is Tyren. There was a man who thought he'd found a cure for cancer. He'd tested it on people, and it'd worked. So he gave out the cure, until we found that after a few weeks effects began taking place. People couldn't control their actions, and found themselves hurting other people and slowly going crazy. It's as if you've lost all sanity. So if they travel in packs, we call the mad people Crazies, and if they're alone we just call them a crazy person. My friend, Aral, he got the disease. Tried killin' me yesterday. I got cornered by him and his goonies. Anyway, did anyone touch you since you got 'ere? No hugs, kissin', nada. You can't have that stuff here, otherwise if one of you got the disease, it passes it on. Just a touch will do it," the driver, Tyren, explained.
"This man, who was he?" the Doctor asked.
"I dunno, but I'm friends with someone who is friends with this man. All I know is the stupid ass kid that brought this upon us is called Zak," Tyren answered, then stopped driving and parked the car in a empty car park. "Also, I'm sorry to say, but your girly has already started."

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