[11th Doctor] Brain Death

It's the year 9100, and the Doctor gets a strong signal on Earth. When help is requested, he lands with Clara at his side when the "eye for an eye" phrase comes into play. Perhaps a man called Zak, who supposed has the cure for cancer, may be the answer to what is happening on the ruins of Earth.


1. Prologue

Feeling exhausted but not daring to glance behind him, Tyren ran.

He didn't bother questioning how many Crazies were chasing him. He knew it was pointless to count. No matter the number, he was going to die soon. Tired, he gave up running and stopped. They were distant, but were still gaining at an alarming rate. He couldn't run. It was too tiring, and it was only to delay the inevitable. He was going to die here, and it wasn't in question. They surrounded him. He guessed there were about twelve. Calm but fast, he scanned his exits. There was only one, but they were circled around him, and he couldn't push one aside because then he'd be done for. Touching one of them would give him the disease.
"Please," he said softly. Then he looked at his friend, who was snarling at him with a glass shard gripped in his hand. "Do you remember who you were before you caught this? You were my friend, Aral. And now you want to kill me." Aral, his friend, growled and his eyes widened. He trembled, as if clinging onto the last bit of sanity he had left.
"Please run, mate," Aral whispered. Tyren grinned, then kicked his friend in the stomach, driving him back. The others charged at him, and he swung his fists, heard his blows break bones. In the end, he was stood in a field of unconscious people. Or dead. It didn't matter to Tyren. He gave a sympathetic glance at his crazy friend, Aral, and then ran off as tears took his vision.

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