Collab ON HOLD

Alyenna Greyton, Millionare, Infamous youtuber...

Not so much

When she meets her new collab partner for her video, due to high request, this douchebag thinks the can win her over and scam her for her fans
Will she fall in love with this mysterious collab partner? Or will all fall?


2. Chapter Two

Sydney, Australia

After a car ride filled with shit chain smokers music (Tim's choice), MY Melanie Martinez, Doritos and a pack of Oreos (with ABBA's Waterloo on repeat) We finally reached it. Sydney.


"hey ahh Tim, can you check my twitter while I hit the hay?" I begged, it was too late for him to refuse anyway, I pounced onto the waterbed. The sides of the bed flung up slightly, then covering me slowly. He logged in and started checking. After a long 30 ish minutes he woke me up.

"ALLY!" He beamed. I lazily threw a pillow in his face.

"Wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-t" I groaned into my dunacover.

"We are going to Sydney!" He smirked, putting down two filled suitcases.


"you'll see when we get there" he cackled evilly

Authors Note: Tysm for reading! Please recommend this, the only thing that keeps me going is comments telling me im doing well!


I stepped out of the car and glanced around. The rich neighbourhood was intimidating.

"Another collab? Are you joking? A rich collab..."

"...number 32..." Tim mumbled.

"I can't believe it I-"

Tim snatched my arm and dragged me down the street, we passed gigantic mansions, tall apartments and multiple people digging up dirt. He stopped in front of a enormous white stone mansion.

"Loaded" we said in harmony, we, of course, were thinking about the amount that place would've costed.

The boy rushed out of the house, smiling at us.

"Aha! You must be Ally and Tim!" He said, Ushering us in.

We walked in behind him and he guided us inside the mansion

"Oh! I'm Cameron by the way!" He said.

"May I look 'round" Tim smiled at Cameron now, pleading for him to say yes.

"Go for it" Cameron exclaimed. For a moment all we could hear was Tim's scrambling running and then it was silent. I opened my mouth to talk but the words didn't come out. I turned to him and our eyes locked together. My heart skipped a beat for him...

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