Collab ON HOLD

Alyenna Greyton, Millionare, Infamous youtuber...

Not so much

When she meets her new collab partner for her video, due to high request, this douchebag thinks the can win her over and scam her for her fans
Will she fall in love with this mysterious collab partner? Or will all fall?


1. Chapter One


What now? This bimbo won't stop pausing my recordings, this NEEDS to be uploaded by Tuesday or I will NOT get payed what I should!

"ohmigawd TimTam what now?"

"You fumbled..."

"I HAVE over 7 MILLION subscribers! Will it really matter if I fumble?" I scowl, didn't mean to be modest or anything, rather making my point. He opened his mouth to rebuttal, and for a moment I was fooled into thinking I'd won. BUT no-o-o

"7 million subscribers that will gladly un-sub if you fuck up" he pointed out, it was clear he had overtaken me, he was winning and I couldn't help but agree.

"Aha okay fine! Hold the queue cards up higher! I am NOT a midget Tim! From the top!"

Two Hours Later•

"...and post! That's another Tuesday video!" Tim clapped and pranced around like a fucking idiot.

"Tim... please... get me some ducking pizza and don't go dancing to Pizza Palace, thanks" I scoffed and let out a small snicker. He was off like lightning. I took the camera off the tripod and stuffed everything into the duffel bag. I slid the bag across the room and squinted when it thudded against the wall.

"Shit..." I cursed quietly. The apartment was empty. Nothing. After a long 30 minutes of shattering my eardrums with horrible music I had no intention of changing, I heard the keys jingle in the door.


Tim pranced upstairs with a half-empty box of pizza and two partially full boxes.

"I still do NOT understand how you put PINEAPPLE on pizza and call that shit "food"" I hissed at him as he flipped open his Hawaiian pizza. I took a neat slice of Margarita with mushrooms (just how I like it) and picked up my phone. I swiped up to camera roll and sunk my teeth into the melted cheese at the tip and yanked it down slightly, before winking and taking a picture.

"C-UUUUUTTTTEEEEEE" I squeaked, "Definitely Insta worthy..." I checked my Instagram, my DMs were overflowing, it was good to get support and all but seriously, how can I handle YouTube and all these messages! Time is NOT on my side right now, already have jet lag from my NYC trip. I copy and pasted all my replies to fans, don't get me wrong I LOVE my subscribers and followers, but, I can't reply to everyone In 5 minutes AND let fans down because I didn't reply. I decided to check my other media platforms, Facebook was fine, Snapchat was fine, instagram was cleaner and then Twitter... that was okay EXEPT for the overflowing tags.

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