Red Ribbon Of Death

Profilers will tell you, that women poison and men strangle. they will tell you women do not possess the strength required to strangle another person. I'm here to tell you the story of where this profiling went wrong.
In a small town in Texas 12 women were murdered, strangled with a red ribbon the media were calling them the Red Ribbon of Death. Me and my team of specialist profilers were called in to determine who was murdering these people before a 13th woman became a 13th victim.
My team and I established it was a man committing these murders for a personal reason or for attention oh we couldn't have been more wrong on both of these profiles my gut throughout the case told me it was a woman but a profiler follows the facts not their guts.
I am Analine Michales and this is the story of the serial Killer named Red Ribbon of Death and how profiling led them to murder 2 more women and escaping.

//Cover was made be me, this story is also on Quotev.


4. A/N

THIS is Important. This story will NOT contain Rape it will however contain the word as Rape is unfortunately a popular serial crime along with murder, This was rated mature for a reason as many crime shows in the UK are rated 15 and include such words as rape etc if this word offends you i am sorry but i just had to let it be known the actual event of Rape will not be in my story Nor discussed if you need a more accuate translation of the Word check google.

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