Marcus & Martinus - Lost

Bella is 15 years old, she lives in a little city called Trofors, her father moved job, since the job he had before wasn't good. Bella had to move school, so she moved school to Trofors School. She came in 9th grade.


2. Chapter 2. The walk.

Bella: ' Jelly, come here. We are going for a walk. '

Bella took shoes on, a warm jacket and walked out of the door. 


Marcus: 'Hey Martinus, wanna play football?'

Martinus: 'In snow?'

Marcus: 'UM! Yes?'

Martinus: 'Let's do it then.'

Marcus and Martinus took shoes on, and walked out to their garden. 

They began to play together, Bella walked beside their house, she could her them laugh.

Jelly played in the snow. Bella saw Marcus and Martinus, she yelled: 'Hello!'

Marcus and Martinus walked over to her, 'Greetings' said Marcus.

Hello, I'm Bella. I just moved in.She smiled.

Hello, this is Martinus, and I'm Marcus. We are 2 artists. 

Well, hello. I've never seen you around here before. Said Marcus.

' Well she just moved in, Marcus ' He laughed.

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